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No more e-scooters at STOAG

From Friday, March 1st, e-scooters (so-called e-scooters) will no longer be allowed on our buses and trains for safety reasons. Together with many other transport companies, STOAG is following a current recommendation from the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).
Precautionary measure for passenger safety
With this decision we are responding to current findings on fire protection in vehicles following incidents abroad. The likelihood of a battery fire in e-scooters is increased due to the currently very low safety requirements and the exposed positioning of the lithium-ion batteries. Dangerous situations can arise, particularly in enclosed spaces such as buses or trams, in which passengers and employees could suffer health damage from flames, explosions and toxic smoke. The gases released in the event of a fire are toxic even at low concentrations.
Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are still permitted
This ban does not affect electric wheelchairs and ride-on electric vehicles approved for public transport, which are also known as “e-scooters” and are often used by people with limited mobility. Their batteries meet the higher safety requirements.