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Creative competition for all secondary schools in Oberhausen

We are looking for a great design for the exterior of our bus

There is also a creative competition among Oberhausen schools. Every two or three years we provide a bus that can be designed by you, the students of Oberhausen schools. All students from the 7th grade onwards can take part in the competition as part of a class, including painting and art groups. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination. For every new competition there is a motto that STOAG sets.

The winners of the current competition were selected by the jury - you can see the results below! The next competition starts in autumn 2024! 

Take a look behind the scenes: the video shows how our anniversary bus came about. 

This time the STOAG has the motto 125 years: STOAG is celebrating its birthday! issued. Since then, many beautiful designs have been stacked up in the STOAG marketing office - colorful pictures in which balloons, cakes and happy faces appear as motifs again and again.

The jury selected a draft from the Art-AG of class 8a of the Theodor-Heuss-Realschule under the direction of Anne Fiedler. July and Ronja designed the happy picture and painted it on the 1m2 template. It shows both a good-humoured party company celebrating the STOAG anniversary and a huge green and yellow dragon. Strictly speaking, a Chinese dragon, which, according to the two 14-year-olds, not only looks particularly festive, but is also considered a messenger of good luck. The two artists worked on their work for around a week.

The motto of the 2019/2020 competition is CHANGE

A total of 26 great motifs were submitted: changes in the cityscape, changes in the design of the STOAG buses, changes in the means of transport, the change or development from caterpillars to butterflies, the development of plants.

The jury selected a design by the art group of the Theodor-Heuss-Realschule. Emilia, Franziska and Mara, all in 10th grade, are the three artists. For them, the development of music represents one of the most important changes, as it inspires and moves many people. The motif shows Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Billie Eilish musicians from different decades. With the help of the song texts, older and younger people should be given an insight into their music world. The jury members were won over by the concept and image. You can see pictures of the bus in our gallery.