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STOAG bus special timetables

Special timetables

There are special timetables at Christmas and at the turn of the year, during the summer holidays and sometimes during construction work.

There will be an all-day public transport strike in Oberhausen and the surrounding cities on Thursday, February 29, 2024, and Friday, March 1.

Trips take place on the following STOAG lines:

Timetable SEV 112 -> Rail replacement service on line 112 between Sterkrade Bf and Landwehr

Timetable for line 143 -> according to Saturday timetable with additional trips in the early morning

Timetable for line 957 -> Line runs as scheduled

Timetable for line 935 -> Scheduled trips through the BVR

Timetable for line 995 -> Scheduled trips through the BVR

Timetable NE10-> Trips between 05:30 a.m. and 23:30 p.m. (Ruhrbahn)

Timetable NE11-> Trips between 05:30 a.m. and 23:30 p.m. (Ruhrbahn)

Timetable NE12-> Trips between 05:30 a.m. and 23:30 p.m. (Ruhrbahn: NE12 only between Landwehr and MH-Stadtmitte)

From February 27th you will also find all journeys in the electronic timetable information.



The current changes

The “light timetable” affects lines SB97, 952, 953, 961 and 966 from Monday to Sunday.

The SB97 line is no longer applicable. It mostly runs parallel to line SB94 and has not been used during the summer holidays in the past. Passengers can switch to line SB94, which has additional trips during peak traffic times to avoid overloading.

Line 952 is only used by relatively few passengers and has been changed from a 20-minute frequency to a 30-minute frequency. This changes the departure times.

On lines 953 and 961, which both run every hour, a minibus for eight people will be used between the Spechtstrasse and Osterfeld-Mitte stops instead of a regular bus. The frequency and travel times remain unchanged. As an alternative, the SB92 and SB93 lines and, on certain sections, the 957 line are available. Since lines 953 and 961 south of Osterfeld to Wehrstrasse are only used by relatively few passengers and alternative connections also exist here, these line sections are no longer applicable. Both lines end in Osterfeld-Mitte; a change is required to continue towards Wehrstraße.

Line 966 was discontinued from Monday to Friday in mid-December. It runs largely parallel to other lines, for example line 956, and is now no longer available on weekends.  

All other STOAG lines and emergency vehicles are running as usual.

You can view the changed timetables in advance here: 952, 953, 961 and SB94

You can now find all changes in the electronic timetable information and in the STOAG app. For your individual route, we recommend entering the start and destination address in the electronic timetable information instead of the stops.

Detour line 955 from Monday, August 28, 2023.


There is a construction site timetable during the work on the level crossing on Weseler Straße. Line 955 is detouring in both directions via Hiesfelder Strasse and Sternstrasse. The Grubenstraße stop will not be served on the detour route and will be canceled without replacement. The departure times change slightly between the Heinrich-Böll-Gesmtschule and Wolfstraße stops.

The emergency vehicles E403 and E433 are also affected by the diversion.

From 28.08.23 you will also find the changes in the electronic timetable information and in our current change booklet for the 2023 timetable.


Timetable detour line 955

Timetable detour E403

Timetable detour E433


Bridge demolition work on Wittekindstrasse will begin on Monday, April 3, 2023. The city of Oberhausen expects construction to last until 2024. Line 961 will be diverted for the duration of the work. The stops Wittekindstr., Teutstr. and Waghalsstraße are repealed. In both directions of travel, the alternative route will be to the Osterfeld Süd Bf stop.

You can find the construction site timetable for route 961 here or in the electronic timetable information.