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Changes to the timetable on January 07.08.2023th, XNUMX

On August 7, 2023 there will be some changes to the route network and travel times.

The implementation of the local transport plan of the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr has resulted in various changes in the jointly operated public transport on the STOAG and Ruhrbahn Mülheim lines as well as on the STOAG line SB90.

In addition to the changes due to the Mülheim local transport plan, the range of trips on individual STOAG lines will be adjusted. There are also changes due to long-term construction work and the emergency vehicle E432 in student traffic. During the construction phase, the emergency vehicles E403 and E433 will detour on Weseler Straße via Sternstraße.


From the Neumarkt stop, an additional journey will be introduced every day at 23:46 p.m. to MH-Stadtmitte. Trams that start at the Landwehr stop in the direction of Mülheim will in future also stop at the Landwehrschleife departure platform. The night trips of line NE12 are now driven by buses. See NE12 for more information.


The line will be extended from the former terminus at Ruhrpark beyond the city limits of Mülheim to the MH-Friesenstraße stop. Departures from and arrivals at the Ruhrpark bus stop are now at the bus platforms on Solbadstrasse. During the journey of the SB90, the stops MH-Ruhrstadion (former border Alstaden), MH-Styrum S-Bahn station and MH-Schloss Styrum are approached. At the MH-Styrum S-Bahnhof stop, you can transfer to the S-Bahn and regional trains. In the future, the Haldenstraße and Stelte stops will only be served by emergency vehicles for school transport and the NE6. The departure times between the Ruhrpark and Kewerstraße stops will change slightly as a result. All departure times between the Holten Markt and Ruhrpark stops remain unchanged.


In the Mülheim city area, the line between the MH-Meidericher Straße and Mülheim Hauptbahnhof stops will be rerouted via the MH-Styrum and MH-West S-Bahn stations and the MH-Sandstraße stop. At Mülheim main station, line 122 becomes line 130 and continues to Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum. The journey continues in the same vehicle. Line 122 is getting a new timetable in both directions.

125 (formerly 124)

As a result of the implementation of the Mülheim local transport plan, the former line 124 will be called line 125 in future. The line will be given a new timetable and will now run every 15 minutes from Monday to Friday. At the Wehrstraße stop, journeys will in future start from platform 1.


At the Mülheim Hauptbahnhof stop, line 130 changes to line 122 and continues in the direction of Oberhausen City Forum. The journey continues in the same vehicle. This connection will further expand the cross-city traffic between Mülheim and Oberhausen. Line 130 runs from Mülheim main station via the stops Ev. Hospital (formerly Wertgasse), Oppspring, main cemetery, airport, Essen Erbach to the Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum.


With the timetable change, the route between the Essen Erbach and MH-Heißen Swimmingpool stops will no longer apply. The line ends at the MH-Heißen Kirche stop and is given a new route in Mülheim-Dümpten. The timetable will be adjusted in both directions. At the Oberhausen main station, the departures in the direction of Mülheim take place from bus platform 9.


Already since22 June 2023 there will be travel time adjustments between the Essen Boyer Straße and Bottrop ZOB stops. From the Oberhausen Sterkrade Bf stop, the journey at 05:49 a.m. in the direction of Essen Boyer Straße is brought forward by one minute. New departure time Monday to Friday is now 05:48.


In order to ensure the connection to the trains at Oberhausen Holten station in the early hours of the morning, an additional journey is offered from Monday to Friday at 04:48 a.m. from the Hirschkamp stop.

955 (with the start of the construction site from 28.08.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX)

There is a construction site timetable during the work on the level crossing on Weseler Straße. The line will detour in both directions via Hiesfelder Straße and Sternstraße. The Grubenstraße stop will not be served on the detour route and will be canceled without replacement. The departure times change slightly between the Heinrich-Böll-Gesamtschule and Wolfstraße stops.


In future, all departures in the direction of Oberhausen Holten Bahnhof will take place at the Wehrstraße stop from bus platform 3.


Due to bridge construction work on Wittekindstraße, line 961 will be diverted until 2024. During the diversion, the Waghalsstraße, Teutstraße and Wittekindstraße stops will be omitted. Alternatively, the Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd Bf. stop is approached in both directions. There are no changes to the timetable outside of the detour route.


IIn the direction of Fröbelplatz, the line at Oberhausen main station will in future run from bus platform 4.


In Mülheim Saarn, line NE10 is being rerouted with a new terminus at MH-Kiefernweg. In the area of ​​Mülheim's city center, a new route will also be operated in the direction of Oberhausen. This changes the timetable in the direction of Oberhausen. Departures in the direction of Oberhausen Sterkrade Bahnhof will be relocated to bus platform 2 at the Wehrstraße stop. The departure times from Sterkrade train station in the direction of Mülheim remain unchanged.


As a result of the new local transport plan in Mülheim, the night express line NE12 will be completely converted to bus operation. In the future, the line will always run between Oberhausen Sterkrade station and Mülheim city center. The departures at Sterkrade train station are from bus platform 4. At Oberhausen main station, the departures are in the direction of Mülheim from bus platform 3. Along the route, the stop positions at the edge of the road are approached. The timetable will be slightly adjusted in both directions.


All timetable changes can now also be found in the electronic timetable information.

To the timetable information

XBus lines

X42 Oberhausen Hbf - Sterkrade Bf - BOT-Kirchhellen - Dorsten ZOB

SchnellBus lines

SB90 MH-Friesenstr. - MH-Styrum S - Ruhrpark - Alstaden - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Sterkrade Bf - Schmachtendorf - Holten Markt
SB91 GE-Buer Rathaus - Gladbeck - Bottrop-Eigen - Bottrop ZOB - Oberhausen-Osterfeld - Neue Mitte - Oberhausen Hbf - Bero Center
SB92 Fröbelplatz - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Osterfeld - Falkestr.
SB93 Fröbelplatz - Oberhausen main station - Neue Mitte - Osterfeld - Tackenberg - Taunustr.
SB94 Food subst. - Liebknechtstrasse - Oberhausen Hbf - Sterkrade train station - Osterfeld - Marina / SeaLife
SB97 Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Buschhausen - Sterkrade train station
SB98 Falkestr. - Schmachtendorf - Sterkrade train station - Neue Mitte - Oberhausen Hbf - Fröbelplatz

Tram lines

105 Food subst. - Altendorf - Essen main station - Bergerhausen - Rellinghausen
112 Mülheim main cemetery - city center - Oberhausen-Landwehr - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Neumarkt

City lines

26 Barmingholten - Dinslaken-Hiesfeld - Commercial schools
122 Mülheim Hbf - MH-West S - MH-Styrum - Oberhausen Hbf - City Forum
125 Mülheim-Speldorf - Mülheim Hbf - MH-Dümpten - Oberhausen-Wehrstr.
130 Mülheim Rhine-Ruhr center - E-Erbach - MH airport - MH main cemetery - MH main station
136 Mülheim-Heissen Church - MH-Dümpten - Oberhausen Hbf - Anne-Frank-RS
143 Essen-Borbeck train station - Frintrop - Oberhausen Hbf - Alstaden - Fröbelplatz
185 Essen-Borbeck Bf - Dellwig Bf - Unterstr. - Oberhausen city limits Essen - New Center
263 Essen-Karnap Boyer Str. - Bottrop-Welheim - Bottrop ZOB - Oberhausen-Sterkrade Bf
905 Ring line: Duisburg-Marxloh Pollmann - Röttgersbach - OB-Holten Markt - DU-Wehofen - Walsum - Overbruch - Fahrn - DU-Marxloh
906 Ring line: Duisburg-Marxloh Pollmann - Fahrn - Overbruch - Walsum - Wehofen - OB-Holten Markt - DU-Röttgersbach - DU-Marxloh
907 Duisburg-Beeckerwerth - Beeck - Hamborn - Marxloh - Röttgersbach - Wehofen - Oberhausen-Holten station
908 Duisburg Matenastr. - Hamborn - Neumühl - Oberhausen-Buschhausen - Sterkrade station
917 Duisburg-Hochheide - Homberg - Ruhrort - Laar - Beeck - Mittelmeiderich - DU-Obermeiderich Oberhauser Str.
918 Voerde - Voerde-Möllen - Dinslaken station - Hiesfeld - Oberhausen-Holten station
935 Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Duisburg-Neumühl - Hamborn - Oberhausen-Sterkrade train station
939 Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Duisburg-Obermeiderich train station - Duissern - Neudorf - Duisburg Hbf east entrance
952 Sterkrade Bf - Hagelkreuz - Nordfriedhof - Everslohstr.
953 Wehrstr. - Dümpten - Knappenmarkt - New Center - Tackenberg - Bottrop-Spechtstr.
954 Sterkrade station - Biefang - Holten - Schmachtendorf - Friedensdorf - Hirschkamp
955 Construction timetable: Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Buschhausen - Sterkrade Bf - Alsfeld - Heinrich-Böll-GS
956 Wehrstr. - Oberhausen Hbf - Oberhausen Castle - Johanniter Hospital - Sterkrade Bf - Goerdelerstr.
957 Tulpenstrasse - Oberhausen Hbf - OB-Borbeck - Osterfeld - Sterkrade Bf - Weierheide - Graßhofstr.
960 Dümpten - Wehrstr. - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Sterkrade train station - Königshardt - Holten train station
961 Construction timetable: Wehrstr. - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Osterfeld - Bottrop-Spechtstr.
962 Sterkrade train station - Luchscenter - Königshardt - Kleekamp
966 Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Oberhausen Castle - Sterkrade Town Hall - Neumarkt
967 Sterkrade train station - Weierheide - Im Lekkerland
976 Falkestr. - Sterkrade Bf - Buschhausen - Oberhausen Hbf - Wehrstr. - Dümpten / MH-Heifeskamp
979 Sterkrade train station - Bottrop-Fuhlenbrock - Bottrop central bus station
995 Anne-Frank-RS - Oberhausen Hbf - Lirich - Duisburg-Neumühl - DU-Marxloh Pollmann

Night Express Lines

NE1 Fröbelplatz - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Sterkrade Bf - Schmachtendorf - Hirschkamp
NE2 Heinrich-Böll-GS - Königshardt - Sterkrade train station - Neue Mitte - Oberhausen Hbf - Dümpten
NE3 Sterkrade train station - Osterfeld - Bermensfeld - Oberhausen Hbf - Alstaden - Fröbelplatz
NE4 Heinrich-Böll-GS - Dinslaken-Surmann - OB-Holten - Sterkrade station
NE5 Oberhausen Hbf - Lirich - Buschhausen - Sterkrade train station
NE6 Ruhrpark - OB-Styrum - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - Osterfeld - Tackenberg - Sterkrade Bf
NE7 Sterkrade train station - Klosterhardt - Tackenberg - Königshardt - Heinrich-Böll-GS
NE10 Mülheim-Kiefernweg - city center - Oberhausen-Wehrstr. - New Center - Sterkrade Bf
NE11 Essen central station - Altendorf - Unterstr. - Oberhausen main station
NE12 Mülheim-Stadtmitte - MH-West S - Landwehr - Oberhausen Hbf - Neue Mitte - OB-Sterkrade Bf
NE21 Bottrop ZOB - Oberhausen-Osterfeld - New Center - Oberhausen Hbf