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Hotline24-hour HOTLINE: 0800 6 50 40 30** free of charge from all German networks


By bus and tram to the Oberhausen Christmas markets

The Christmas markets in Oberhausen are easy to reach by bus and tram:

Christmas Markets at Westfield Centro.

From the main train station:


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More buses in the run-up to Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, STOAG recommends using buses and trams to visit the city center and the new center. Of the…

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Dear passengers, we regret that there are currently journey cancellations. Before you start your journey, please find out about the electronic…

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Elevator at the Neue Mitte stop is broken

The elevator at the Neue Mitte stop in the direction of the main train station (platform 2) is out of service until further notice. Passengers coming from the direction of Sterkrade…

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DeutschlandTicket for 49 euros

The Germany ticket is coming and of course you can also get this ticket from STOAG! The nationwide valid ticket for local transport will cost 49 euros.

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