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The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is here

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is available as a chip card in one of the STOAG customer centers or digitally via the STOAG app. Recipients of citizen's benefit, social assistance, housing benefit, standard benefits under the Federal Social Security Act and Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act are eligible to receive the DeutschlandTicket Sozial. The order requires a valid proof of eligibility in the form of a carrier card, issued by the relevant authorities at the place of residence. The DeutschlandTicket Sozial has the same period of validity as the proof of entitlement and is issued for this period. The end date is on the carrier card. The subscription then ends automatically on this day.

Extension possible

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial subscription can be extended. To do this, the respective authorities must extend the proof of entitlement in the form of a new carrier card - this is possible before the expiry of the validity date. By presenting the new proof and a photo ID, the chip card can be extended at the STOAG Customer Center.

Switching from the DeutschlandTicket to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial is possible

Passengers who are eligible and currently have a DeutschlandTicket for 49 euros can change their subscription to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial in the STOAG Customer Center. Here too, proof of authorization in the form of the carrier card is required. The amount of 39 euros will then be automatically deducted from the account every month. There is no minimum contract term for the DeutschlandTicket Sozial subscription, nor is there a cancellation fee. The DeutschlandTicket Sozial can be canceled monthly. For this purpose, termination must be submitted by the 10th of the month in question.

Check in the vehicle

When checking the DeutschlandTicket Sozial - as with all DeutschlandTickets - only a valid photo ID must be presented so that the checking staff can check that the ticket is issued to the passenger. The proof of entitlement does not need to be shown as it was already presented when ordering.

The previous SozialTicket remains in the STOAG range and is still available as a subscription for 36,22 euros per month and as a monthly ticket for 41,20 euros per month. Further information about the SozialTicket and the DeutschlandTicket Sozial can be found at