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Colorful highlights instead of gray functional buildings – STOAG lets transformer stations be artistically designed

STOAG has chosen photorealistic motifs that focus on an animal species at each transformer station. “These are animal species that are native to the respective location,” explains Sabine Müller, who heads the communications and marketing department at STOAG. For example, at the Everslohstrasse transformer station we selected the fire salamander. It occurs in deciduous forests around the dump and is considered an endangered species.” Animal motifs are suitable not only because they usually meet with broad approval among the population, but also because they offer beautiful motifs for future transformer stations.

A realistic representation of the subject requires a strong attention to detail. The resulting works are very complex, but also have an extremely high artistic value. STOAG managing director Werner Overkamp is also impressed by the precision and attention to detail of the graffiti artists: “It is amazing how a previously inconspicuous transformer station can be transformed into a real work of art. The motif is a real eye-catcher and turns the actually functionally sober transformer station into a real work of art.”

The artists were able to give free rein to their creativity on 63 square meters each, and on Wehrstrasse even on 72 square meters. The spray paint makes it possible to work on almost any surface. This is important because different materials were present and had to be sprayed at the transformer stations: walls, doors, ventilation grilles. Long-term durability of graffiti art requires a cleaned and primed surface. With proper preparatory work, the spray paint guarantees a quality result that remains unaffected for up to several decades, depending on the sun's rays.

“The artistic design of the four transformer stations is a step for us to attractively integrate the infrastructure necessary to supply the electric buses into the townscape,” says Werner Overkamp. In addition to the Everslohstraße stop, there are further transformer stations at the Hirschkamp, ​​Goerdelerstraße and Wehrstraße stops. They are all characterized not only by the works of art, but also by their green roofs, explains Keziban Onur-Celik, who, as head of the building infrastructure department, took care of the construction of the transformer stations with her team at STOAG. Once the plants have grown, they ideally complement the overall appearance of the transformer stations.

“We hope that the four noble graffiti will meet with broad approval and be well received by the citizens,” says Sabine Müller. “The first positive reactions have already been received.”