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Archived press releases

More buses and trains for Carnival

The timetable for the great days.

Finally celebrating carnival again: Because this time there are certainly a lot of Oberhausen fools at the…

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Change of schedule at STOAG

On January 8th there will be a timetable change at STOAG, which is all about electromobility.

Probably in the first half of 1...

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Ticket changes for the new year

From January 1, 2023, new prices will apply in the Rhein-Ruhr transport association (VRR). Single, 2022-, 4-, 10-, 4-,… tickets already purchased in 24

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The STOAG timetable at the turn of the year

Around the turn of the year, the timetable for buses and trams changes. On December 31, the STOAG buses and trains will run until around 23…

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STOAG Christmas schedule

On public holidays, the STOAG buses run according to a special timetable.
On Christmas Eve, the Saturday timetable applies first for all lines, between…

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STOAG uses more buses before Christmas

In the run-up to Christmas, STOAG recommends using buses and trams to visit the city center and the new center. Of the…

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STOAG bus for Kyiv

The need for regular buses in the Ukraine, especially in the capital Kyiv, is great. The German local transport companies and bus operators have…

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STOAG timetable for the time change

On the night of October 29th to October 30th the clocks are put back one hour and the hour between 2am and 3am there is…

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Bomb disposal completed in Holten area

Update 19:36 p.m.: The bomb has just been successfully detonated.
It can take around an hour after the closure to keep to the regular timetable…

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Autonomous buses have arrived at STOAG. Ride desired!

They are still on the trailer, but on Sunday two autonomous buses will be waiting for passengers at the STOAG depot. A vehicle…

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