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Archived press releases

Buses instead of trams

Track construction work on line 112 and demolition work on the Konrad-Adenauer bridge in Mülheim lead to ...

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STOAG sales revenues continue to rise

The economic development of STOAG was positive in 2010. Sales revenues continued to rise, despite a slight decline in ...

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With the STOAG through the carnival

The STOAG buses rarely stand still on Carnival days. While Oberhausen is celebrating extensively, the NachtExpress lines run at night ...

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Blue angels for green buses

Sustainable procurement: Stadtwerke Oberhausen buy buses with the Blue Angel.

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Free travel for children in STOAG buses

The city of Oberhausen is celebrating World Children's Day on Saturday, September 24th, from 13 to 17 p.m. on the grounds of the city sports association next to the ...

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