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STOAG uses more buses before Christmas

STOAG is increasing traffic on the route between the main station, Neue Mitte and Sterkrade on all weekends before Christmas and on the weekend of January 6th / 7th as well as on Black Friday on November 24th. On Saturdays between 14 p.m. and midnight and on Sundays between 24 p.m. and 12 p.m. there are more buses than usual on the route. For drivers, we recommend the P+R facilities Werthfeldstraße (Olga Park stop) and Landwehr (Landwehr stop).

Minibuses operate as shuttles
The traffic traveling to Neue Mitte will lead to particularly heavy traffic and traffic jams on Osterfelder Straße and Essener Straße on the coming weekends. The STOAG bus lines SB94 and 961 are also affected by this. If the timetable of these two lines can no longer be maintained due to long delays, they will change their route. The SB94 line ends or turns at the Olga-Park stop, the line 961 buses take a diversion along the route. As a replacement, minibuses are used as shuttles on Osterfelderstrasse and Essener Strasse between the Osterfeld Süd stop and Hansastrasse.

The Christmas markets in Oberhausen can also be easily reached by buses and trams:

Christmas markets at Westfield Centro
From the main train station:

Line 112 (tram), lines SB90, SB91, SB92, SB98, 960, X42 (no short-distance tariff)

Ticket: short haul

Travel time: 7 minutes

From Sterkrade station:

Line 112 (tram), Lines SB90, SB98, 960, X42 (no short-distance fare)

Ticket: Price level A2 for within Oberhausen

Travel time: 6 minutes

From the Olga Park stop (P+R stop Werthfeldtstrasse): 

Line 112 (tram), lines SB90, SB91, SB92, SB93, SB98, 953, 960, X42 (no short-distance tariff)

Ticket: short haul

Travel time: 2 minutes

From the Landwehr stop (Landwehr P+R facility):

Line 112

Ticket: Price level A2 for within Oberhausen

City Advent magic on the Altmarkt
Lines SB90 and 143: Hermann-Albertz-Straße stop

Lines SB97, 136, 935, 939, 955 and 995: stop Anne-Frank Realschule

Line 122: Paul-Reusch-Straße stop (from the south), Friedrich-Karl-Straße stop (from the north)

The City Advent Magic can also be reached on foot in 15 minutes from the main train station.