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STOAG Christmas schedule

On public holidays, the STOAG buses run according to a special timetable.

On Christmas Eve, the Sunday timetable applies to all lines first, and the Night Express timetable comes into effect between 18 p.m. and 19 p.m. The buses run every hour according to the Night Express timetable until the daytime routes start according to the Sunday timetable at around 25 a.m. on December 9th. The tram also runs according to the Sunday schedule on Christmas Eve until around 18 p.m. On December 25th, the Sunday timetable applies all day at STOAG. For cross-city connections, a special timetable applies on lines X42, SB91, 263 and 979 until around 10 a.m., after which the buses run according to the regular Sunday timetable. On December 26th, all lines will run as scheduled according to the Sunday timetable.
The STOAG app provides exact trip information for all lines in real time, including cross-city lines.
Telephone information is available free of charge around the clock on Christmas Eve and all Christmas days on the hotline 0800 6 50 40 30 (toll-free from all German networks).