24-h-Hotline: 01806 504030 *
* 0,20 € pro Anruf aus dem dt. Festnetz; 0,60 € pro Anruf aus den Mobilfunknetzen

Barrier-free accessibility

Unlimited mobility for all!

All STOAG vehicles are equipped with low-floor technology and therefore make step-less boarding and exiting possible. Our buses have wide entry areas without centre poles and are also equipped with mechanical folding ramps that make it easier for wheelchair users to enter. Should you require help, our crew member will be happy to assist you! Where tram traffic is concerned, it might happen in exceptional cases that due to operational reasons, no low-floor vehicles can be put into operation.

All STOAG busses have, in the entry area of the second door, a marked storage area for wheelchairs and wheeled walkers. In this area you will find additional stop signal buttons at handgrip height. Electric mobility scooters will be not transported.

Our entire fleet is equipped with optical and acoustical station indicators. Most of the stations within the city area of Oberhausen and the three STOAG customer centres have been built to be barrier-free!

General and safety information

In order to inform our crew member that you, as a wheelchair user, require help with boarding, it is best that you wait in the vicinity of the station stop post. Our crew will enable you to enter the bus using the ramp as soon as the other passengers have boarded or exited.

For safety reasons, in all vehicles, please put your wheelchair onto the area intended for it, with its back facing the driving direction, so that it is as close as possible to the seating bench or upholstered seat. No matter what, please set the brake on your wheelchair! Wheeled walkers must be stored safely as well. Please do not use the wheeled walker as a place to sit, rather, use one of the emergency seats in the entry area of the second door. This way you can sit and at the same time hold on to your wheeled walker.