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Dynamic passenger information from STOAG

Dynamic passenger information

Our stop service: When does the bus arrive - where is the train?

Over 100 stops in the Oberhausen city area are equipped with dynamic passenger information, which enables our passengers to see the actual departure times of all lines operating there at a glance. Sometimes it's chic stainless steel stealers, sometimes small digital display flags that show you in how many minutes the next bus or tram will arrive.

In the case of the displays, all pending journeys according to the timetable are initially displayed with the planned departure time (e.g. 12:15 pm). When the vehicle has been registered by the control center, we show the remaining time until the vehicle leaves in minutes (e.g. 3 minutes). If the waiting time is less than a minute, the message "immediately" appears. Once the vehicle has left the stop, the next trip on this line is displayed without delay.

Modern technology allows the current departure times to be transmitted reliably and at all times, even if traffic jams, major construction sites, short-term diversions or major events affect the journey. In addition, our control center is able to monitor all indicators and also to import special texts and info lines at short notice so that we can inform you about current operational disruptions.