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Boarding the STOAG bus by bike

Bicycles, scooters and co

We are happy to take your bike with us ...

... just not before school starts, because it gets tight in our vehicles! However, you are welcome to take your bike with you on our buses and trams all day Monday to Friday on school days from 9 a.m. until closing time and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as well as during the school holidays. If the space provided in our vehicles is not available, the next bus or tram will definitely take you. In individual cases, our drivers decide whether to take your bike with you, because our on-site employees are responsible for the safety in the vehicle - including yours!

In order to take bicycles with you across the VRR, a Bicycle Ticket must be purchased for each bicycle in conjunction with the regular ticket. The Bicycle Ticket is valid for 24 hours from the moment it is validated.

Do you go there and back on the same day? Then the FahrradTagesTicket NRW is the right one for you. It is valid per bike and day in combination with any other ticket of the NRW tariff as well as with the bar tickets and time tickets of the VRR.

For holders of a Ticket2000, Ticket2000 9 a.m., BärenTicket, FirmenTicket, YoungTicketPLUS and SemesterTicket, a bicycle is free of charge in the selected area of ​​application.

It is possible to take:

Folding bikes and foldable scooters
The taking of folded folding bikes or foldable scooters is possible without an additional ticket. However, if the folding bikes are fully unfolded - i.e. ready to drive - taken with them, the transport rules for bicycles apply.

Pedelecs and E-Bikes
We take with us:


  •     Motor support only in addition to pedaling
  •     The engine switches off automatically from 25 km / h

Three-wheeled bicycles

It is not possible to bring:


  •     Motor power can also be switched on independently of the driver's pedaling
  •     Top speed up to 45 km / h
  •     Registration and insurance required


Electric scooters (from March 1, 2024)


There are 52 covered parking spaces for bicycles at Sterkrade station

Bicycle boxes in Sterkrade

There are 52 covered parking spaces for bicycles at Sterkrade station. Oberhausen is considered a model city, as commuters can comfortably use the parking spaces previously booked on the Internet with their local transport ticket, smartphone or chip card.

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