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Hotline24-hour HOTLINE: 0800 6 50 40 30** free of charge from all German networks
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Mobility guarantee

Additional service from STOAG!

We are expanding our service for you: the STOAG bus or tram (including the communal lines) are delayed by more than 20 minutes at the departure stop and you have no alternative to public transport? Then we will immediately cover the taxi costs for you as part of the mobility guarantee. *

No taxi costs! No application!

And that is how it works:

  • Call the service number (24-hour hotline): 0208 835-8210
  • Communicate your location and desired destination. The service employee first checks whether there is an alternative connection.
  • If there is no alternative connection, the service representative will take your case and call a taxi for you.
  • If the expected taxi costs are higher than the reimbursement amount, you must pay the additional amount in the taxi. The service employee will point this out to you if necessary.
  • When you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is give the taxi driver a receipt.


If there are waiting times on our hotline and you have the option of covering the taxi costs yourself for the time being, you can of course call a taxi yourself immediately. Important: Get a receipt!

Here you can submit an application for reimbursement of the taxi costs incurred from the comfort of your own home:

Digital refund request


Alternatively, you can fill out this refund application and submit it with your original taxi receipt or train ticket to one of our three customer centers within 14 days. We will take care of your concerns, even if the delay was not caused in Oberhausen.



The mobility guarantee

What to do if the bus or train is extremely late or even canceled? For these cases there is the mobility guarantee NRW. As soon as the departure of a bus or train line is delayed by 20 minutes, you can either take a long-distance train (IC / EC / ICE), a taxi or a sharing offer (e.g. car / bike / e-scooter sharing or on-demand traffic). You will be reimbursed for the additional costs later - in full for long-distance transport, proportionally for taxi or sharing.

During the day (5 a.m. - 20 p.m.) you will receive a reimbursement of taxi costs or sharing offers up to 30 euros per person, in the evening (20 p.m. - 5 a.m.) reimbursement of up to 60 euros per person.

In the case of car pooling, each person can receive expenses up to this amount, provided that their own receipt is available for the partial amount. Of course, always on the condition that the delays are not due to the following reasons:

  • Strike
  • Storms / forces of nature (after warning from the German Weather Service)
  • Bomb threats and defuses
  • Delays that occurred while driving

Important note for you:

The 20-minute rule applies to the individual means of transport used. A chain of routes guarantee cannot yet be guaranteed