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Hotline24-hour HOTLINE: 0800 6 50 40 30** free of charge from all German networks

Emergency call

STOAG and the police are emergency call partners

Our trained staff and modern technology in our vehicles and at the stops ensure that you can feel safe at all times. Do you still need the help of the police in the bus, tram or at a bus stop? Good to know - there is an emergency call partnership between STOAG and the Oberhausen police.

In an emergency, please speak to our drivers directly: They pass the emergency call on immediately to our control center, which is connected to the police and fire brigade via dedicated lines. You will find emergency buttons in the door area of ​​our trams. When you press these buttons, you are directly connected to the tram driver.

For us it goes without saying: Not only our passengers can benefit from our emergency call service, all citizens can use our buses and trams as “mobile emergency call boxes”. Permanently installed emergency telephones can be found at all stops on the public transport route. At the push of a button, you are immediately connected to your colleagues in our control center.