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Your chauffeur service in Oberhausen

A note for our Revierflitzer® customers on their own account

We ask all of our passengers in the Revierflitzer® to adhere to the following rules:

  •     Be at the pick-up point before your Revierflitzer® arrives.
  •     Limit phone calls to our Revierflitzer® team to emergencies or those
  •     quick resolution of problems.
  •     Help us to keep the Revierflitzer® clean.
  •     Treat our drivers and fellow passengers with respect. 

What is the Revierflitzer®?

The Revierflitzer® is a so-called on-demand service from STOAG in cooperation with ViaVan. On Demand means in German: on demand. The vehicle, i.e. the Revierflitzer®, only comes when it is needed. There is no fixed timetable or route. If possible, an algorithm bundles the travel requests of several passengers with the same destination, creates a route and books the passengers in a shared vehicle. Efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly. The service can be booked via the app.


Register for the app / order a Revierflitzer®

The Revierflitzer® app is available for iPhones and Android phones. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

When using the app for the first time, you must first create an account before you can log in and book a ride.
Step 1: Click the 'Register' button on the app's home screen.
Step 2: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen.
Step 3: Click on 'Next' to go to the second page. Enter your means of payment there.
Once this is done, press 'Join' and the app will be ready to use.

What happens to this data?
After downloading the app, the following customer data is required for registration: name, e-mail, mobile phone number, payment data and any special requirements (e.g. wheelchair users). All personal data processing meets the legal requirements for data protection. Data can be evaluated anonymously in order to improve the offer, traffic planning or marketing. Further information is available in the data protection information.

Wheelchair users are welcome on board. All Revierflitzer® vehicles are barrier-free. If you are traveling with a wheelchair, activate the following in the app before ordering the Revierflitzer®: Click on "Settings" and then on the arrow to the right of the profile. Activate the "Wheelchair-accessible vehicle" option by swiping the button to the right. Although all vehicles are suitable for taking wheelchairs with you, this information is still mandatory, as there is no longer the full space available for additional passengers when transporting a wheelchair.
In general, all wheelchairs with a total weight of up to 250 kg that can be driven in are suitable. The maximum dimensions are 71,4 cm in width and 131 cm in height. The vehicles are equipped with a ramp and a space specially for wheelchairs. In addition, there is a seat that can be swiveled outwards, for example for passengers who rely on a walker.

Can I take luggage with me?

Please limit personal items to a small piece of luggage that fits on your lap. As is usual with London taxis, there is no classic trunk, only the passenger area is intended for luggage. If there is space, it is at the discretion of our driving staff whether other pieces of luggage can be taken. There is no entitlement to take luggage with you.


We take assistance dogs for people with disabilities or an assistance dog trainer with us free of charge, provided that you can present evidence (e.g. severely handicapped ID) to the driver. In addition, it is at the discretion of our driving staff to take small animals with them if they are in suitable transport boxes. There is no obligation to take along. The transport of animals is at your own risk and under the liability of the animal owner.
The Federal Animal Protection Act must be complied with, as well as existing local regulations such as a muzzle and leash obligation.

Plans change and sometimes the goal you want to go to change too. If you are not on board yet, you can generally cancel your trip free of charge within 60 seconds of booking and book it again with the new destination. It is no longer possible to change the destination later.

Children can book and use the Revierflitzer® alone if they are at least 14 years old and have parental consent. Otherwise you have to drive together with an adult companion. Our Revierflitzer® each have a booster seat. These can be used by children who are approximately three feet tall. If your child is smaller and needs a different child seat, please bring it with you. An ISOFIX bracket is available in the vehicle.

What happens if I have to cancel or cannot start the journey?

Cancellations within 60 seconds of booking are always free of charge. Otherwise, in the event of a later cancellation or no-show ("NoShow"), a fee of 2 euros for a cancellation and 3 euros for a no-show ("NoShow") will be charged. However, every customer has a free cancellation and a no-show - mistakes happen.

The number of passengers depends on how many other passengers book a similar route as you at the same time. A total of six seats are available for passengers in our vehicles.

The Revierflitzer® is not a door-to-door service.
When you book a ride, our system will suggest a pick-up location on a nearby street corner or near a bus stop. If you have any problems, please send a message to our customer support revierflitzer (at)

Are there spontaneous boarding options when you see a Revierflitzer®?

Unfortunately that is not possible, the Revierflitzer® cannot be waved over like a taxi for a spontaneous boarding.
Orders can only be placed via the app. This is the only way to ensure that journeys are optimally bundled and that journey requests are satisfactorily fulfilled.


Your Revierflitzer® card should definitely not refer to a foreign location. If you want to use automatic location, please make sure that location services for the Revierflitzer® app are activated on your phone and approved for the app. If you have persistent problems, please contact support revierflitzer (at)

If you make a specific travel request, you will receive a travel offer with a pick-up time.
Pick-up times naturally depend on current demand and the traffic situation. On average, however, you only wait a few minutes for your Revierflitzer®.
The exact waiting time is displayed in the app. We cannot guarantee you a fixed arrival time at your destination, but we control the vehicles so efficiently that the detours are manageable and your arrival is not noticeably delayed. The driver can see the arrival time in real time in the app while driving.


The Revierflitzer® is not a door-to-door service.
The pick-up location and destination are so-called virtual stops. These can be bus stops or other stops in the service area that can be quickly reached on foot, e.g. B. intersections or street corners. This system simplifies the bundling of trips, reduces detours for other passengers and ensures that our service remains cost-effective.

The Revierflitzer® is a sharing service for several passengers. That is why punctuality is important. Our drivers wait 90 seconds. Unfortunately, if you are not at the pick-up point, the Revierflitzer® cannot wait any longer. The travel costs have to be calculated anyway, because the vehicle is on the way for you. This is the only way we can keep our journeys efficient and cheap for everyone.
If you are waiting at your pick-up location and cannot find the vehicle, simply call your Revierflitzer® with the phone symbol in the app.

After a trip has been booked, the app shows the pick-up location where the vehicle will pick you up. These can be bus stops or other stops in the service area that can be quickly reached on foot, e.g. B. intersections or street corners. We call them virtual stops. The actual pick-up location is displayed in the app - it can be a few minutes' walk from the desired pick-up location.
You will receive a message via the app when the vehicle is two minutes away from the pick-up point and another message when it arrives there. If the driver has already arrived at the pick-up point, you can also call him directly using the small phone icon. Please be on time. If you are more than 90 seconds late, the vehicle will not be able to wait. This is the only way we can get all passengers to their destination quickly and efficiently. You can follow the vehicle live in the app.


After you have entered your travel starting point and your destination in the app, the estimated time until your vehicle arrives is displayed. You will receive a message when your vehicle is 2 minutes away and another message when it has reached the pick-up point.

When you get on, you show our driver your booking confirmation on your smartphone.


The Revierflitzer® runs every day of the week at the following times:

Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 21 p.m. to 2 a.m. the following day, Friday from 21 p.m. to Saturday 6 a.m., Saturday from 21 p.m. to Sunday 9 a.m.
The Revierflitzer® supplements the STOAG night network and runs at times when the cycle times of buses and trams are reduced.

An algorithm calculates which trips can be bundled without major detours and with only short waiting times. The travel time can be extended by a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes with several passengers, but this makes it efficient and environmentally friendly - that is the big advantage.

When using the app for the first time, you must first create an account before you can log in and book a ride.

Step 1: Click the 'Register' button on the app's home screen.

Step 2: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen.

Step 3: Click on 'Next' to go to the second page. Enter your means of payment there. Once this is done, press 'Join' and the app will be ready to use.

The Revierflitzer® drives all over Oberhausen, but not beyond the city limits. The start and finish of the journey must be in this area.

No, unfortunately that will not work. The Revierflitzer® is not a taxi offer, but relies on the environmentally friendly sharing of vehicles and journeys. When you book a ride with the Revierflitzer®, you agree to share your ride with other passengers who want to travel in the same direction.

STEP 1: Move the map in the app until the green marking is at your desired pick-up position and press 'Enter entry'. You can also enter the address manually in the search bar or have it located.

STEP 2: Move the map until the marker is at your desired destination and press 'Specify exit'. You can also enter the address manually in the search bar. The app searches for available vehicles and connects you to the best vehicle for your journey.

STEP 3: All details including the exact pick-up location and the fare are displayed. Check the ride offer and then click on 'Book this ride'. After booking, you will receive information about the vehicle that will pick you up.


To reset the password, simply open the Revierflitzer® app and select 'Login'. Then follow these steps:

  •     In the password field, press 'Forgot Password'
  •     Enter your phone number on this screen and press 'Submit'
  •     Get the new password and go back to the app
  •     From here you can log in with the password we sent you
  •     Once you are logged in, you can change the password as desired
  •     Click on the menu icon in the top left and then on the 'pencil icon' to edit your profile
  •     Click on 'Edit Password' - Enter the current password from the message you received here
  •     Then enter a new password and then click on 'Save'.


Unfortunately, this is not possible because the routes are calculated spontaneously.
However, we strive to offer you the reliability you require through a very high level of availability.


You can book a ride for a maximum of 6 people using the Revierflitzer® app. When you set the pick-up location in the app, simply tap the '-' or '+' button to see how many people are with you. The person who books the trip must also come along. Booking for other people only is unfortunately not possible.

Persons aged 14 and over can set up a user account with the consent of their parents and use the offer independently. People under the age of 14 can only drive the Revierflitzer® when accompanied by an adult.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please send an email to customer service at revierflitzer (at) We will reset your password.

No, that doesn't happen. Your booking is retained even when you close the app. After opening it again, it will be shown how far the Revierflitzer® is still away.


Please contact revierflitzer (at) We will then forward your request to our contractual partner.

Operation is carried out by a contractual partner.

We take your safety and comfort very seriously.
Our professional drivers are trained and licensed for passenger transport.
Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we expect all drivers to provide excellent service. After every trip, you have the opportunity to leave feedback about your drivers - including, of course, the pick-up point, the route, the vehicle - and give us further information. You help us to ensure that only the best drivers drive the Revierflitzer®.

The fleet currently comprises 5 vehicles and is growing with demand. You will drive with 5 fully electric LEVC TX, the latest generation of the famous London taxi. The electric drive is quiet and emission-free. Incidentally, it is one of the few cars that was built from the ground up as a taxi. That is why it is well thought out and very comfortable. The combination of a large passenger compartment and technical equipment is impressive. As a reserve vehicle, there is a minibus that is not electric, but is equipped with a Euro VI engine.

All vehicles are branded and easily recognizable: black “London taxis” with the REVIERFLITZER inscription and the STOAG logo



After the journey you will receive a receipt by email. Invoices can be issued on request.

Every passenger has to pay for their seat in the Revierflitzer®. This also applies to the transport of severely disabled people in accordance with the VRR tariff who have a corresponding token.

There is a 1000% discount on the basic price for subscribers to the DeutschlandTicket, Ticket2000, Ticket25, SchokoTicket, YoungTicketPLUS, BärenTicket and FirmenTicket as well as for severely disabled people who are entitled to free public transport. All you have to do is activate the “Ticket” control in the app before booking. Your ticket or your severely disabled person's ID card with the valid badge must be able to be presented to the driver upon request. 

In addition, there is a 50% discount for the first person traveling with you, and a 75% discount for the second and third person traveling with you on the basic price. The fourth and fifth person riding along “flips” for free.

Unfortunately, the provision of the general tariff regarding the free transport of people with severe disabilities and their accompanying persons does not apply to on-demand transport.

The Revierflitzer® is basically paid for via the app. You open a user account and store a means of payment such as credit card or PayPal. A direct debit can also be deposited with PayPal. This makes processing very efficient while driving. Payment is made simply using the stored electronic payment method.
If you do not want to pay electronically, you can purchase credit for the Revierflitzer® in the STOAG CustomerCenter Sterkrade Bahnhof or in the CustomerCenter Hauptbahnhof. You will receive a code that you can redeem in the app.

Why, surely! If you have a subscription with STOAG, you will receive a discount on the fare.

You can buy prepaid cards for € 10 or € 25 for the Revierflitzer® in the KundenCenter Sterkrade Bahnhof or the KundenCenter Hauptbahnhof You will receive a code that you can redeem in the app.

The VRR's on-demand tariff applies. There are discounts, for example, for season ticket holders, children, passengers and the severely disabled. The price is displayed before the trip is ordered and does not change after booking. Promised!
The details of the tariff can be found on the STOAG website.


When you register for the Revierflitzer®, we ask you for a credit card number or a PayPal account. You can use it to pay directly in the app and do not need any cash for the journey. We take the protection of your data very seriously. For more information on data storage and use, please read our data protection information.

Praise and criticism

Whom can I ask?
We're sorry there was a problem during your trip. Please let us know what went wrong, by hotline or by email to customer service at revierflitzer (at)

If you had a great experience with our drivers, please let us know by providing feedback in the app after your ride.
We are happy to pass on the praise.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against other passengers or our drivers on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, physical disability, age, gender identity or sexual orientation.
Passengers who act contrary to the Revierflitzer® anti-discrimination policy are prohibited from using the Revierflitzer®.

You can also contact our drivers if you consider other passengers to behave in a dangerous or inappropriate manner. Our drivers are responsible for the safety in the vehicle. In the event of an incident, our drivers can immediately contact the STOAG control center or the police. You can also email our customer service at We'll look into the incident. All booking passengers are registered by name in the app, so that there is generally a low risk of harassment.

Oh no, we're sorry we couldn't take you with us. If your trip has been marked as no-show = "No Show" and you still want to drive, please book again directly in the app.



It has been confirmed that the connection and integration with local public transport supports the realization of the positive effects desired in terms of transport policy. In the medium term, of course, we want to reduce the number of vehicles in the city center and provide a further incentive to forego a private vehicle in the city. Just think of all the parked cars and the multitude of vehicles on the commute where only one person is seated.

STOAG has a competent and experienced partner at its side: ViaVan. ViaVan is a joint venture between Via and Daimler AG. Via is an American provider of ride pooling services and software solutions, with large-scale offerings in New York, Chicago, Washington, Amsterdam and London.
Via develops highly efficient algorithms for ride pooling. These dynamically calculate millions of possible routes and control the vehicle fleet. The algorithm can serve a large number of travel requests and bundle them into optimized and shared journeys. Customers and drivers are brought together digitally via an app.

All offers are app-based and on-demand, but the Revierflitzer® is much more geared towards connection with local public transport:

  •     Trips only from / to the stop / point instead of door-to-door. This leads to shorter pick-up times and 
        more efficient journeys
  •     larger vehicles
  •     On-demand offer close to local public transport with similar services
  •     Obligation to operate and transport
  •     Networking with local public transport
  •     higher availability

We also use great technology that enables people with different destinations to share a trip particularly efficiently.
STOAG aims to reduce individual motorized traffic through bundled journeys and offers motorists a convenient public transport alternative to their own vehicle. The experience of our partner ViaVan with bundled trips in large metropolises guarantees a stable quality of the offer.

No. For safety reasons, our drivers are not allowed to transport unaccompanied parcels for our passengers.

Please help us to keep our vehicles clean.
Eating and drinking is therefore not allowed in the Revierflitzer®. 

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in our vehicles. This also includes e-cigarettes.

Also with connection to ViaVan Amsterdam and London?

You can initially only use the Revierflitzer® in Oberhausen within the defined operating area, i.e. within Oberhausen. To use the ViaVan offer in Amsterdam and London, you must register in the respective app.

The availability is high. We usually pick you up in less than 10 minutes.