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Job and family

Family-friendly personnel policy

The compatibility of work and family is an important issue at a company like STOAG, where the majority of employees work in shifts with frequently changing working hours.

From 2008 to 2015 our company was certified by the berufundfamilie initiative of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. Even if this certificate expired in June 2015, we do not lose sight of the measures developed from it.

We continue to strive for a family-friendly personnel policy, which is characterized by the fact that we give our employees the opportunity, for example, to combine family and work through flexible working time models. We encourage the will of our employees to maintain their health and improve their performance and support a wide range of health offers. It is important to us to keep the mix between experience and youth in the company in balance.

Award "Exemplary family-friendly company"

The “Exemplary family-friendly company in Oberhausen” competition honors companies in Oberhausen once a year that ensure a better balance between family and the world of work within their means. Your ideas and concepts should motivate other companies to imitate them and show them ways to be family-friendly. The competition within the framework of the Oberhausen Alliance for Families helps to further develop a family-friendly atmosphere in the city of Oberhausen.

Oberhausen alliance for families

The Office for Equal Opportunities of the City of Oberhausen is organizing the competition in cooperation with the Oberhausen Economic and Tourism Promotion Agency. In the “Companies with more than 50 employees” category, STOAG 2019 was recognized as being exemplary, family-friendly. We are pleased about this award, which motivates us to continue to develop and live an employee-friendly company culture.