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Solar power at STOAG

Environmental Protection

STOAG solar power

Intelligent energy management
The subject of energy naturally plays a major role in the everyday life of a transport company like STOAG: on the one hand, reducing energy consumption, and on the other hand, it is possible to generate alternative energy.

Our solution: photovoltaics!
There are photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the STOAG depot, which together generate around 500 MWh of energy per year. This corresponds to the average consumption of around 160 single-family households. The systems on the administration and workshop building feed the generated energy directly into the Oberhausen energy supply network. In order to achieve maximum energy yield, the solar modules of the two systems are oriented to the south.

The modules on the roof of the infrastructure workshop built in 2018, however, are different: They are alternately oriented towards east and west in order to obtain a more even yield throughout the day. Because this energy is fed directly into the power grid at the STOAG depot for self-consumption.