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Electromobility in Oberhausen

Technical data


For those who want to know exactly, we have listed the most important technical data of our electric buses here.

Solaris Urbino 12 electric

Manufacturers Solaris Bus & Coach SA, PL
vehicle type Urbino 12 electric
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 12,0 mx 2,55 mx 3,45 m
Perm. total weight 18 tons
top speed 75 Km / h
Number of passengers 70
Seats including folding seats 24 + 4
Movement noise 77,2 dB (A)
Air conditioning Manufacturer: KONVEKTA, type: UL 500 EM
  Power: 24 kW
  Refrigerant R 134a
  Control: WABCO ATC-CAN
Electric heating Manufacturer: ELTOP
  Power: 25 kW
  Rated voltage: 690 V
  Control: Webasto digital timer
electric motors ZF rear axle AVE 130 with two asynchronous motors, close to the wheel
  Nominal power: 2 x 110 kW
  Drive torque max. 2 x 10.500 Nm
power Electronics Manufacturer: MEDCOM, traction inverter, PL
  Nominal voltage input: 600 V DC
  Nominal power: 2 x 80 kW
Braking resistor Manufacturer: GINO, type: 6 GN1
  Power max .: 250 kW
  Rated voltage: 600 V
Battery system Manufacturer: IMPACT, PL
  Battery cells: A 123
Traction battery Total capacity: 200 kWh
  LiFePO4 technology - fast charging, 5 40 kWh modules
  Rated voltage: 690 V
Chargers Manufacturer: EKO Energetyka, PL
  Rated power: 220 kW
Pantograph Manufacturer: Schunk
  Smart Charching, 5-way contact hood
  (monitored earthing, 750 V +/-, communication contact bus - charger)

VDL Citea SLF-E 120

Manufacturers VDL Bus & Coach
vehicle type Cita SLF-E 120
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 12,0 mx 2,55 mx 3,92 m
  Siemens 1DB 2016 permanent magnet central motor
  Nominal power: max 160 kW
  Nominal tightening torque: 1.500 Nm
  Peak torque: max. 2.500 Nm
electric motors Manufacturer: Siemens
  Input: DC 650 V
  Output: regulated AC 0-440 V
Power electronics / inverter Manufacturer: SEico, TypWB-660/70
  Power: max.50kW, the generated thermal energy is used for heating
Braking resistor Nominal voltage: max. 660 V
  Lithium-ion battery with nickel, manganese-cobalt (NMC cathode)
Battery system Capacity: 127 kWh
  Number of modules: 3
  Weight: Kg 2,250
  C rate: 2,5C
Fast charger Manufacturer: EKO ENERGETYKA, PL
  Rated power: 300 kW
Pantograph Manufacturer: Schunk
  Smart Carging, 4-way contact hood (monitored earthing)
  Charging time: from 0 to 100%: 25 minutes
Energy consumption 150kWh / 100Km