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Environmental protection at STOAG

Environmental Protection

The STOAG - sustainable all along the line!

Can environmental protection and traffic get along? We say yes"! Because as a company that is responsible for local public transport in Oberhausen, we operate buses and trams to ensure less traffic and, at the same time, offer more mobility! We consciously take responsibility for our environment! And you can support us: just get on board! 

Buses and trams with an average number of people, for example, cause significantly fewer CO2 emissions per capita and kilometer than an economical car. Our bus fleet is modernized year after year. Our buses are currently running in accordance with the most demanding emissions standards or with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, and some vehicles are completely emission-free. In addition, many vehicles have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label.  

But even beyond the topic of transport, we see it as our constant challenge to work for a sustainable use of resources and for a livable and viable environment. In 2004, STOAG was recognized as an ÖKOPROFIT company. (Ecological project for integrated environmental technology). The continuous improvement of operational environmental protection is the focus of STOAG's self-image

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Solar power at STOAG

Solar power: The subject of energy naturally plays a major role in the everyday life of a transport company like STOAG: on the one hand, reducing energy consumption, and on the other hand, it is possible to generate alternative energy.

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Hybrid sticker on STOAG vehicle

Two Hybrid buses of the company MAN have been part of the STOAG fleet since February 2012 - for STOAG this was the entry into the era of electromobility.

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