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Electrically on the go

Two hybrid buses from MAN have been part of the STOAG fleet since February 2012. The two Lions's City Hybrids from STOAG have two types of drive: a diesel and an electric motor. Energy that is normally lost when braking, for example, is stored and used to drive the electric motor when starting off. We decided on two vehicles with a serial hybrid system.

The first two electric buses have been in service since October 2015: The two Urbino 12 electric buses from Solaris are still running on lines 962 and 966 today. Since July 2019, trams have been running on the inter-city route 979, which runs jointly with Vestische GmbH is operated, also electric buses. Both transport companies have bought a total of four electric buses from the manufacturer VDL Bus & Coach for this purpose. You can find more information about the electric mobility project here.

In June 2020, the STOAG vehicle fleet was expanded by five electric cars. As "Revierflitzer" are the vehicles of the manufacturer LEVC in the look of the London taxis with range extenders in operation.

The other cars that are in use at STOAG are gradually being converted to electric vehicles. The further expansion of electromobility is being planned.

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