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About Us

Welcome to STOAG. We are a modern service company with a long tradition. In 1897 the Stadtwerke was founded as the first municipal service company for tram operations, in the same year the first "electric" rolled through the streets of the city. Today 126 buses and 6 trams ensure environmentally friendly mobility in Oberhausen, including two hybrid and four electric buses. Around 440 employees guarantee good connections and good service.

The core of our line network is a public transport route that is independent of individual traffic, on which buses and trams travel up to 80 km / h and for a fast connection between the main train station, Neue Mitte Oberhausen with Centro, König-Pilsener ARENA and many leisure facilities, and the Sterkrade district cares. Trams and express buses provide direct and seamless connections between the city districts, the most important and interesting facilities in the city and the neighboring cities. NachtExpress lines ensure that party-goers or night shift workers arrive safely at their destination on weekends around the clock.

The passengers travel in modern buses with air conditioning - the average age is around six years. Free surfing with STOAG Wi-Fi is possible in all buses and trams. Passengers with restricted mobility can use public transport in Oberhausen without restriction. All buses and trams are built without steps, the buses also have folding ramps that can be used for wheelchair users if necessary. The entry areas are designed to be correspondingly wide.

At important stops, dynamic passenger information systems show the current departure time of buses and trams. The Neue Mitte stop, with its futuristic roof structure made of steel and glass resembling a stack of Mikado, is still a highlight of modern architecture 25 years after its opening.