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From-and-to-driver - all options at a glance

Short distance - low price: that Short-haul ticket for € 2,10. The following principle, which is easy to remember, applies throughout the VRR:

Short distance = boarding plus three stops

The short-distance ticket can be used for many frequently used connections in the Oberhausen city area. The three stops also apply to the public transport route, the new center can now be reached via the route from the main station by short journeys. Before you start your journey, please check our timetable notices for information about the required price level.

Please note:
The short-haul ticket is always line-related and is valid for direct journeys in buses, trams and underground trains. The short-haul ticket is not valid

  • when changing to another line
  • when using the night express lines
  • when using local rail transport, e.g. S-Bahn journeys

The short-haul ticket is valid for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Short-distance tickets are available from the STOAG app, at the machines, from the driver, in the STOAG customer centers and in advance booking offices.

The single ticket - at a glance

Would you like to go to town, to friends or to the cinema? With the single ticket, you can travel to your desired stop in the respective area of ​​validity - of course, transfers are included.

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The 4-hour ticket - at a glance

Whether it's a doctor's appointment or a visit to the market, a trip to the Kaisergarten or a stroll in the CentrO, the inexpensive and flexible 4-hour ticket makes it possible for you.

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The best choice for tourists & guests

With the 24- / 48-hour ticket, you can travel alone or in a group of up to five people on all buses, trains and trains (2nd class) of public transport.

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ZusatzTicket - At a glance

You need an additional ticket for certain routes or services within the VRR. The ZusatzTicket can only be used together with another valid VRR ticket.

The ZusatzTicket is valid for all price levels. When the scope of a time ticket is extended, with the exception of the 7-day ticket, the time validity is based on the extended route relation.

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4erTicket - At a glance

Four single journeys on one ticket - compared to the single ticket, you can save a lot in the respective price category. 4erTickets are available for adults and for children (from 6 to 14 years old inclusive).  

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10-ticket - at a glance

The 10-ticket is only available via the HandyTicket.
It is valid for ten individual journeys or a joint journey with up to ten people.

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HappyHourTicket - at a glance

Our ticket for all night owls who want to be mobile in their city without a car. Would you like to go to the cinema, then continue to eat and then maybe for a drink in the pub? All of this is possible with one ticket: the HappyHourTicket. The HappyHourTicket is available exclusively via the HandyTicketApp or our HandyTicket TicketShop.

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