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10-person ticket

10-ticket - at a glance

The 10-ticket is only available online via the STOAG app available. It is valid for ten individual journeys or a joint journey with up to ten people.


With the 10-ticket you can change between all VRR local transport (trams, buses, underground trains, suspension railway, S-Bahn, RE, RB). Exception: With the short-distance ticket, it is not possible to change between trains and trams, buses or underground trains. In addition, round trips or return trips are not allowed with the 10-ticket. 

Additional possibilities

1st class journeys with the ZusatzTicket
In conjunction with an additional ticket per person and journey, you can also use 10st class trains with a 1-ticket.

Bicycle transport with the FahrradTicket

For the VRR-wide bicycle transport, a bicycle ticket for € 10 must be purchased in connection with the 4,20-ticket per bicycle. The FahrradTicket is valid for 24 hours from validation.


Tickets are valid in the respective price category until the destination is reached - but no longer than the

  • Short haul: 
    20 minutes from validation, range see short distance
  • Price level A:
     90 minutes from validation
  • Price level B: 
    120 minutes from validation
  • Price level C: 
    180 minutes from validation
  • Price level D: 
    300 minutes from validation

Prices from 01.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

price-level Adult
Short haul 16,50 €
A 26,60 €
B 53,40 €
C 108,20 €
D 119,60 €

Prices from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

price-level Adult
Short haul 15,10 €
A 24,30 €
B 48,80 €
C 98,90 €
D 109,30 €