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Single ticket - at a glance

Would you like to go to town, to friends or to the cinema? With the single ticket, you can travel to your desired stop in the respective area of ​​validity - of course, transfers are included.


Tickets are valid in the respective price category until the destination is reached - but no longer than the 
    • Short distances: maximum 20 minutes from validation, see range Short haul
    • Price level A: a maximum of 90 minutes from validation
    • Price level B: a maximum of 120 minutes from validation
    • Price level C: a maximum of 180 minutes from validation
    • Price level D: a maximum of 300 minutes from validation



With the single ticket you can change between all VRR local transport (trams, buses, underground trains, suspension railway, S-Bahn, RE, RB). Exception: With the short-distance ticket, it is not possible to change between trains and trams, buses or underground trains. In addition, round trips or return trips are not permitted with the single ticket.  

Additional possibilities

1st class journeys with the ZusatzTicket

In conjunction with an additional ticket per person and journey, you can also use 1st class trains with a single ticket.

Bicycle transport with the FahrradTicket

To take your bike with you across the VRR, you must purchase a bike ticket for €3,80 per bike in conjunction with the single ticket (€01.01.2024 from January 4,20, 24). The bicycle ticket is valid for XNUMX hours from validation.

Prices from 01.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

  Adult Children
Short haul 2,10 € 1,90 €
Price level A1 / A2 3,30 € 1,90 €
Price level A3 3,40 € 1,90 €
Price level B 7,00 € 1,90 €
Price level C 14,80 1,90 €
Price level D 17,90 1,90 €

Prices from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

  Adult Children
Short haul 1,90 € 1,80 €
Price level A1 / A2 3,00 € 1,80 €
Price level A3 3,10 € 1,80 €
Price level B 6,40 € 1,80 €
Price level C 13,60 1,80 €
Price level D 16,50 1,80 €

More Information

  • Single tickets are available from the STOAG app, at the machines, from the driver, in the STOAG customer centers and in advance booking offices.
  • Don't forget: stamp your ticket before driving!
  • Single tickets bought from the driver and from the ticket machine have already been validated.
  • Incidentally, once stamped tickets are not transferrable.
  • Children under the age of 6 travel for free. *
  • Children who have already celebrated their sixth birthday but are not yet at school can also travel for free.
  • 6-14 years: child rate


* Children under 6, if they are not already attending school, must be accompanied by an adult or another child who is at least 6 years old.