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Additional ticket / bicycle ticket

ZusatzTicket - At a glance

You need an additional ticket for certain routes or services within the VRR. The ZusatzTicket can only be used together with another valid VRR ticket.

The ZusatzTicket is valid for all price levels. When the scope of a time ticket is extended, with the exception of the 7-day ticket, the time validity is based on the extended route relation. 

One additional ticket is required for each person, journey and additional use.

Price from 01.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

Adults / children  
Additional ticket 4,20 €
4 additional ticket 15,00 €

Price from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

Adults / children  
Additional ticket 3,80 €
4 additional ticket 13,70 €

The ZusatzTicket is valid for:

  • Extension of the area of ​​validity for individual journeys, with timed tickets, with the exception of the 7-day ticket, up to and including price level D (per person and journey)


  • for persons brought along in extended areas of validity


  • for 1st class use (except for 1st class use: SchokoTicket, YoungTicketPLUS)

Good to know:

  • Additional tickets are available from the STOAG app, at machines, at the driver's, in the STOAG customer centers and in the advance booking offices.
  • Please stamp the ZusatzTicket before you start your journey, otherwise it is not valid. The ZusatzTicket bought from the driver has already been validated and no longer needs to be stamped.

Bicycle ticket:
To take a bicycle with you, you must buy a FahrradTicket for €3,80 (€01.01.2024 from 4,20) in conjunction with one ticket per bicycle.

The ticket is valid throughout the VRR and is valid for 24 hours from validation.