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DeutschlandTicket for 49 euros

Finally the time has come!

Since May 1st, local transport can be used nationwide with the DeutschlandTicket. The DeutschlandTicket costs 49 euros per month and is available as a monthly subscription.

We look forward to you buying your DeutschlandTicket from STOAG. In this way, you ensure that the income also goes where the costs are incurred. So you support us as a local transport company and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

You will receive the DeutschlandTicket

- about our STOAG app (as a digital ticket on your smartphone)

- about ours online-shop! (Delivery as a chip card by post)

- in our customer centers (available as a chip card)


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You can access our short film on the DeutschlandTicket here:

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Questions and answers about the DeutschlandTicket

With the DeutschlandTicket you are mobile by bus and train for 49 euros per month - nationwide! The DeutschlandTicket was created as a permanent nationwide subscription ticket as part of the federal government's third relief package. In view of the positive response to the 9-​euro ticket, which was temporarily available in the summer of 2022 as part of a campaign initiative, the Germany ticket is intended to relieve mobile people of rising energy and fuel costs. It is considered an environmentally friendly "flat rate for regional transport".

The Deutschland-Ticket is valid nationwide in all associations and with all local transport companies. This allows you to use all local transport vehicles, i.e. buses, trams, city trains and underground trains as well as S-Bahn trains, regional trains and regional express trains in 2nd class. The ticket is valid not in long-distance traffic (e.g. ICE, IC, EC), also private providers such as e.g. B. FlixTrain are excluded.

Yes, trips to the Netherlands (e.g. Venlo or Arnhem) are possible. You can use the following lines:

  • RE 13 (Hamm - Unna - Hagen - Wuppertal - Düsseldorf - Mönchengladbach - Viersen - Venlo)  
  • RE 19 (Düsseldorf Hbf - Duisburg - Oberhausen - Dinslaken - Wesel - Bocholt / Emmerich - Emmerich-Elten - Zevenaar - Arnhem)
  • SB 58 (Emmerich station – Nijmegen HAN)
  • Bus line 29 (Neukirchen - Vl. Vluyner Südring - Straelen - Venlo)
  • Bus route 60 (Kleve station – Millingen de Gelderse Poort)
  • Bus line 91 (Emmerich Bf – ´s-Heerenberg Molenpoort)

The Dutch tariff continues to apply to journeys that are made exclusively within the Dutch territories or beyond the lines just mentioned. The DeutschlandTicket is only valid on the lines mentioned.

The DeutschlandTicket is valid nationwide for all journeys in 2nd class in all associations and local transport. In addition, it also applies to some border stations in neighboring countries (such as the Netherlands, Austria, France). You can find an overview of the border stations at DB under the following link Conditions of carriage of Deutsche Bahn AG.

You can purchase the DeutschlandTicket as a digital, monthly subscription for 49 euros, for example via the STOAG app or in the STOAG customer centers.

The DeutschlandTicket is monthly with a deadline of the 10th of the month to the end of the month cancellable.

The DeutschlandTicket does not include taking people or bicycles with you. If you have agreed on takeaway regulations in your existing subscription, these will not be transferred when you switch to the DeutschlandTicket.

Children under the age of 6 can also travel for free with the DeutschlandTicket.

Since May 1st, the VRR has had the new monthly bicycle ticket or the bicycle subscription ticket. These bicycle tickets can be purchased in addition to the DeutschlandTicket. They cost 29 euros per month with the validity area VRR. Alternatively, you can still purchase individual FahrradTickets for your journeys, which are valid for 24 hours. 

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Since July 01.07.2023st, 39, bicycle subscription tickets have also been available for the whole of NRW for XNUMX euros per month.

The DeutschlandTicket is a personal ticket and therefore cannot be transferred to other people. Because the DeutschlandTicket is issued in your name and is only valid for you personally, please have your ID ready to hand for the ticket inspection.

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, you have to subscribe to the new DeutschlandTicket. It is a personal season ticket with a monthly cancellation option.

If you buy a token for the monthly ticket every month, you benefit when you switch to the DeutschlandTicket. In most cases, the DeutschlandTicket will be cheaper. However, the DeutschlandTicket is only available as a subscription. However, it can be canceled on a monthly basis. Another advantage: You no longer have to buy a token every month. We would be happy to advise you on what is suitable for you personally.

Nothing will change for subscribers with a SchokoTicket or another ticket that is cheaper than 49 euros. You keep your low-cost subscription and are not automatically switched to the DeutschlandTicket. That is why you will not receive a cover letter from us.

However, if you decide that you want to subscribe to the DeutschlandTicket in the future, please contact us or contact us at abo(at)



The Deutschlandticket app is offered by a private provider, the company Hansecom, which has several
contracts with regional transport associations and companies. You can of course purchase your DeutschlandTicket from STOAG. As a local transport company, we would be happy about that, because then the income stays here, where the costs are also incurred.

As soon as sales start, you can purchase the DeutschlandTicket via the STOAG app or in our customer centers. You can download the STOAG app now and enter your data to register.

No decisions have yet been made on discounts for pupils, students and trainees or for people on low incomes.

The DeutschlandTicket is valid for 2nd class. However, you can also buy an additional 1st class ticket for the VRR for €46 per month. The additional ticket allows you to use 1st class on local trains in the VRR. It is valid in connection with the DeutschlandTicket or another subscription ticket. This means that 1st class can be used throughout the VRR. 

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Since July 01.07.2023st, 1, 69st class subscription tickets have also been available for the whole of NRW for XNUMX euros per month.

When traveling across national borders, 1st class cannot be used.

The entire range of tickets is still available, as are all subscriptions. In the long term, of course, it cannot be ruled out that changed driving habits or changed purchasing behavior will lead to adjustments in the range of tickets.

Employers have the option of providing their employees with the DeutschlandTicket as a job ticket. If they grant employees a discount of at least 25%, a further reduction of 5% is granted by the federal and state governments. Existing contracts can be adjusted accordingly. Please get in touch with your contact person in the company.

The ticket inspectors record your data on site and issue a payment request for 60 euros. You have the option of objecting to this decision within 7 days and presenting your ticket in the STOAG app in one of our three customer centers. However, since you have to ensure that the smartphone is operational, we charge a processing fee of 7 euros in this case.

If the STOAG app cannot be accessed and you are therefore unable to show your ticket, you can do so within 7 days in one of our customer centers. An on-site check is carried out to determine whether there was a fault. If this is the case, you will not incur any costs.

All subscribers who have a subscription that costs more than 49 euros per month were written to in March. Have you moved and we don't know your new address? Or could the mail not be delivered for other reasons? Please contact one of our customer centers immediately.

All ordered DeutschlandTickets have been sent by post. Unfortunately, postal delivery times are very long in individual cases.Please contact us. We will be happy to issue you with a replacement card in one of our customer centers. Please bring your photo ID with you.

Yes. Please hand in the old chip card to one of our customer centers when you have the opportunity. Corresponding boxes are currently available for this in the customer center.


As the holder of a STOAG SchokoTicket, you should have received a letter from us informing you about the switch to the DeutschlandTicket Schule. Below is the most important information:

  • Your SchokoTicket will be automatically converted to the DeutschlandTicket School on August 01.08.2023st, XNUMX. Remaining with the current SchokoTicket is not possible.
  • Previous family discounts no longer apply. 
  • If you do not want the DeutschlandTicket School, please cancel in writing by post or email to
  • Your SchokoTicket chip card is still valid, it will be exchanged for a DeutschlandTicket chip card at a later date.
  • For journeys outside the VRR area, please use the subscription confirmation that we sent you by post.