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DeutschlandTicket Social

From December 1st, 2023, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial for €39,00! With this ticket you can travel particularly cheaply and can use all local transport vehicles throughout Germany (buses, trams, city and subway trains as well as S-Bahn trains, regional trains and regional express trains in 2nd class).

You will receive the DeutschlandTicket Sozial if, for example

  • Recipients of unemployment benefit II, citizen benefit and social benefit (SGB II)
  • Recipients of social assistance (SGB XII)
  • Housing benefit recipients
  • Entitled to benefits according to SGB VIII
  • Eligible under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act or
  • Entitled to benefits under the Federal Pension Act


You can find out whether you are one of those entitled to this from the responsible authorities in the city of Oberhausen. There you will also receive the required authorization card.

Questions and answers about the DeutschlandTicket Social

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is a subscription ticket for buses and trains that can be canceled on a monthly basis and is available at an introductory price of €39,00 per month. The ticket is valid from the 1st day of the month. With the ticket you can travel on local transport throughout Germany all month long, around the clock. It is the most environmentally friendly flat rate for regional transport across Germany. Here an overview of the ticket variants with the respective advantages.

You can find out whether you are eligible by contacting the relevant authorities in your city. Employees of the responsible authority will issue you with proof of eligibility in the form of a carrier card for purchasing the SozialTicket.
As a gesture of goodwill, you now have the option (November 30.11.2023, XNUMX) of submitting your benefit notice to us.

You show the carrier card, your photo ID and your EC card in one of our customer centers and give us a SEPA direct debit mandate for the monthly debit of the ticket price. You will receive a chip card on site.

If you want to use the ticket immediately, the first month must be paid on site by debit card or cash.

Alternatively, you can probably start the subscription from December 01.12st. Purchase via our STOAG app.

The subscription has the same validity period as the credential. The BIS date is on the carrier card. The subscription ends automatically when the credential expires.

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is valid nationwide in all associations and with all local transport companies. With the ticket you can use all local transport vehicles, i.e. all buses, trams, city trains and subways as well as S-Bahn trains, regional trains and regional express trains in 2nd class. The ticket is not valid on long-distance transport (e.g. ICE, IC, EC) or with private providers such as: B. FlixTrain.

The ticket costs €39,00 per month. It is valid from the first day of the month from which you start your subscription. Don't be alarmed by the term subscription, as the ticket can be canceled on a monthly basis. If you no longer need it, the DeutschlandTicket Sozial can be canceled free of charge up to the 10th of each month at the end of the month. If you don't cancel, it will renew monthly and be debited from your account. Example: If you no longer want to use the DeutschlandTicket Sozial from March, then cancel it by February 10th with the transport company from which you purchased it.

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is worthwhile for you if you frequently travel by bus and train throughout the VRR area, in North Rhine-Westphalia or nationwide.

If you have a SozialTicket and would like to switch to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial, please contact one of our customer centers.

No, the DeutschlandTicket Sozial is a personal chip card and cannot be passed on. Only you are allowed to travel with the ticket. Photo ID must always be carried with you.

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial does not include bicycles. If you regularly want to take a bike with you, you can buy the monthly bike ticket or the bike subscription ticket for the VRR area for an additional €29,00 per month. To travel by bike in NRW you need the NRWupgradeBicycle subscription for €39,00 per month. It is valid in conjunction with the DeutschlandTicket Sozial or another subscription ticket. But if you only want to take a bike with you every now and then, the BicycleTicket in the VRR, which is valid for 24 hours, is sufficient.

The DeutschlandTicket does not include any passengers. You can take accompanying people under the age of six free of charge, as children only need their own ticket from the age of six.

Taking dogs is not included in the DeutschlandTicket Sozial, but the provisions of the NRW Conditions of Transport still apply, according to which dogs are generally allowed to be taken in NRW free of charge. An important prerequisite is that the safety and order of the operation is not endangered and other passengers are not disturbed.

The DeutschlandTicket Sozial does not include use of 1st class. If you would like to use 1st class regularly, you can buy the 1st class subscription ticket or the 1st class monthly ticket for the VRR area for an additional €50,30 per month. It is valid in conjunction with the DeutschlandTicket Sozial or another subscription ticket. If you only want to use 1st class occasionally, an additional ticket in the VRR per person and trip is sufficient. If you travel a lot in NRW, you can also buy the NRW upgrade 1st class as a subscription for €75,20 per month. This then applies to 1st class use throughout North Rhine-Westphalia.

If the bus or train is 20 minutes or more late at the departure stop, you can take IC, EC or ICE or take a taxi or a sharing service directly to your actual destination. When using taxi or sharing systems, the costs will be reimbursed pro rata, up to €30,00 per person during the day and up to €20 per person at night between 5 p.m. and 60,00 a.m.