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It's that easy:

Check in. Set off. Check out and pay by linear mileage. This is how mobility becomes eezy.

eezy is the new electronic tariff that simply records the kilometers traveled between start and finish. The advantage: no tariff knowledge is required.

All you need is a smartphone, because with eezy the passenger checks in when boarding the bus or train and checks out again when they get off. The app automatically calculates the distance between the start and destination stop. A basic price is calculated plus the distance traveled as the crow flies, regardless of different tariff areas or small detours. 


And this is how eezy works:

  • Download or update the STOAG app
  • Register and deposit means of payment
  • Set GPS and mobile data
  • Drive off
  • The price will be calculated after the journey is completed



Take a look at our explanatory video

or alternatively download the Brochure.

eezy tariff

  eezyVRR eezy no  
base price 1,64 € 1,74 €  
Price per kilometer as the crow flies 0,27 € Prices per linear kilometer of the tariff areas  
Price cap per trip per price level on the basis of a single ticket -  
Price cap 24 hours (2nd class) 27,40 € 32,70 €  
Price cap per month (2nd class) 49,00 € 49,00 €  
1st class usage 50% surcharge per person and trip, correspondingly higher 24-hour price caps 50% surcharge per person and trip, correspondingly higher 24-hour price caps  
adult transport same basic and beeline price as for the person making the booking same basic and beeline price as for the person making the booking  
Children take away 50% discount per person and trip, including price cap 50% discount per person and trip, including price cap  
Bicycle transport €4,20 for 24 hours €5,55 for 24 hours  

Price calculator

For all passengers who want to know in advance how expensive the trip with eezy will be: Our price calculator will help!

How eezy works

eezy VRR is an electronic tariff (eTarif) that you use with an app on your smartphone. The price consists of a base price and a km price and is calculated based on the linear distance between your start and destination.

eezy VRR applies to all trips that start and end in the VRR. The beeline between the start and end point, which must be in the VRR network area, is decisive.

You can easily use the eTarif eezy VRR via the STOAG app.

Buying a ticket is very easy in three steps using the check-in/check-out principle:

1. Before you get on the bus or train, you check in via the app. At check-in you can book additional people (adults/children) and bicycles, as well as select 1st class.

2. After checking in, the app displays the digital ticket (travel authorization).

3. When you have finished the trip, you check yourself out again via the app.

The distance traveled between the start and destination stop is automatically recorded in the app. The correct price is then calculated and debited.

In principle, a one-time registration in the ticket shop in our STOAG app is required before the first ticket purchase.

No, but you don't need to do that anymore either, since you simply check in when you need to. Thanks to automatic recording and billing, you are always on the move with the right ticket.

In the STOAG app, you can generally pay by credit card, direct debit or Paypal.

At check-in you have the option of booking additional people (up to 10 adults and an unlimited number of children) as well as bicycles or 1st class use for the journey. The added bookings are always valid for the entire trip.

Yes. You can book 1st class use at check-in. The use of 1st class is always valid for the entire journey.

Yes, the STOAG app contains all eTarifs of the transport associations (AVV, VRS, WestfalenTarif and VRR) as well as the NRW eTarif.

During the entire journey, the smartphone must be operational, the location services activated and the mobile internet switched on (do not activate flight or offline mode!). In addition, the display must be able to show the digital ticket (travel authorization) in full during a check.

The app must always remain open while driving, but can run in the background. A journey is always ended automatically if you…

  • closes or uninstalls the app on his smartphone,
  • switch off the location function or mobile internet use on the smartphone,
  • leaves the area of ​​validity of the eTarife (in principle NRW with a few exceptions) or
  • has not logged out after 24 hours or is no longer using public transport.

If you change trains one or more times, all you have to do is remain checked in to the app so that the route can continue to be calculated. You only check out at the end of the journey when you have reached your destination. The price calculation is based solely on the linear distance between the start and destination stop and is independent of possible changes and the duration of the journey.

You will not receive a digital ticket (entitlement to travel) without checking in. If a ticket is checked, a penalty, ie an increased transport fee (EBE) of 60 euros will be charged.

If you have checked in by mistake, you can check out again within a few seconds. If you did not use public transport between check-in and check-out, no fare will be charged.

If the device's location detection is activated and you are no longer in a public transport vehicle, the app will first ask if you would like to be checked out. A message appears again after 30 minutes. Only after a period of 24 hours will you be checked out automatically and the journey tracked up to this point will be calculated. In this case you may have to contact our support for a price recalculation.

After checking in, the app gives you a digital ticket (travel authorization) with information in text form and a QR code. The QR code must be shown on the smartphone display during a ticket inspection so that the inspection staff can scan it. Upon request, you must also be able to present an official photo ID (driver's license, ID card or passport), as the ticket is issued personally.

It is important that the check-in is already completed when boarding the bus and train. If you first check in in the vehicle, you will be traveling without a valid ticket until then. If a ticket is checked, you then have to pay a fine, ie an increased transport fee (EBE).

You have to make sure that your smartphone is operational throughout the journey. If you cannot show a digital ticket during an inspection, e.g. B. because of an empty battery or lack of Internet reception, you have to pay a fine, ie an increased transport fee (EBE).


The basis for calculating the fare is the straight line between the start and destination of the route, i.e. the shortest distance. The price is made up of a fixed basic price per trip plus a working price per kilometer or part thereof as the crow flies.

The price is then made up of the one-off collection of the basic price of 1,60 euros and the sum of the regional working prices of the tariff areas that are traveled through.

For the calculation of the energy price, the entire straight line between start and destination is broken at the tariff area border. The counting of linear kilometers then starts at zero at the tariff limit. Partial kilometers of the straight line segment are rounded up or down.

An example: On a journey from Hamm to Cologne, the beeline crosses the areas covered by the WestfalenTarif (WT), the Rhein-Ruhr transport association (VRR) and the Rhein-Sieg transport association (VRS). The price is then calculated as follows: basic price + working prices WestfalenTarif, VRR and VRS.

When driving with eezy VRR there is a built-in cost protection that prevents you from paying more with eezy VRR than for the normal VRR tariff. This fare limit is known as the fare cap.

This means that with eezy VRR you do not pay more per trip in the VRR than the comparable single ticket costs in the respective price category. Since the eezy tariff calculates the distance traveled as the crow flies in addition to the one-off basic price, it is cheaper to travel on many routes than with the single ticket.

Within 24 hours, the fare (in 2nd class) with eezy VRR is limited to 25 euros.

The 24-hour period can be selected individually, ie it starts with the first check-in and ends exactly 24 hours later.

Yes, the travel costs with eezy VRR are limited to the costs of the respective single ticket for this journey.

All eTarifs (Association and NRW eTarif) have a cost limit for a 24-hour period. With eezy VRR, the total price for the sum of all trips is limited to 25 euros for this period (based on a trip with the eezy VRR in 2nd class without taking people or bicycles with you). If a trip is not completed within the 24-hour period, it will count as the first trip of a new 24-hour period.

In this case, the straight line sections running outside of NRW are divided in relation to the straight line sections of the tariff areas in NRW.

An example: A journey of 100 kilometers as the crow flies from the Aachen Transport Association (AVV) through the Rhein-Sieg Transport Association (VRS) to the Westphalia Tariff (WT) area is 50 kilometers outside of NRW. The calculation then looks like this:

  • Measured linear kilometers: in the AVV 15 km, in the VRS 30 km, outside of NRW 50 km, in the WT 5 km
  • Distributed linear kilometers: in the AVV 30 km, in the VRS 60 km, in the WT 10 km

It is not possible to check in outside the area of ​​validity, which is why the eTarif cannot be used in this case. If a journey goes beyond the limit of the area of ​​validity, the passenger is automatically checked out. The last stop recorded in the area of ​​validity is then used as the destination for pricing. A separate ticket must be purchased for the remaining route outside the scope of the eTarif.

The journey in the eTarif eezy VRR may last a maximum of 420 minutes across all tariff zones. The maximum period of validity is shorter for journeys within individual tariff zones.

The maximum journey time with eezy is 420 minutes. The basic amount for eezy VRR is valid for the entire journey.

In some tariff zones (e.g. eezy Westfalen) there is a maximum validity of the basic price that differs from the maximum journey time, e.g. B. of 90 minutes. If this is exceeded, the basic price will be calculated several times at check-out. Example: For a journey of 120 minutes and a basic price validity of 90 minutes each, the basic price will be charged twice.

An automatic check-out does not take place if the validity of the basic price is exceeded.

For each additional person booked, as well as for the main user, a basic price and the kilometer-dependent working price apply. The upper fare limit for a day for the takeaway is the same as the takeaway and linked to their 24-hour period.

Children travel 50 percent cheaper than adults. The validity of the ticket is linked to the 24-hour period of the booking person. 

A flat-rate surcharge for 24 hours is charged for taking bicycles with you. The temporal validity is linked to the 24-hour period of the booking person.

There is no limit on additional bookings for children and bicycles. For adults, however, the additional bookings are limited to ten.

When using 1st class, the price per journey increases by 50 percent. This also applies to the upper price limit if a trip with an additional 24st class booking is made within 1 hours. The price also increases by 1 percent for people traveling in 50st class.

For the correct calculation of the fare after the journey, the location services must remain switched on. If you want to buy tickets in the classic tariff or only need timetable information, the location services do not necessarily have to be switched on. However, the suggestions for the stop search in the information section are tailored to the current location and are then displayed more quickly.

You will receive a detailed list in the app for each booked journey as well as an e-mail confirming your ticket purchase. You can also see an overview of the journeys made within the app and check whether the displayed start and destination stops are correct.

The trips are billed individually immediately after the trip.

Our employees will be happy to help you by calling 0208 835-8312 or by sending an email to

As long as you are in the vehicle and driving or the existing Bluetooth transmitter is still within range of the smartphone, you remain checked in. If you don't continue driving in any vehicle, the app itself asks you to check out. The app will only check out automatically after a set time interval of 24 hours. For a new trip you have to check in again manually. There is no automatic billing for a new journey.

At the start of eezy VRR, the new service will initially be available to our occasional drivers. As a subscriber, you can travel cheaply through NRW with a EinfachweiterTicket NRW. You can easily buy the Einfachweiter ticket NRW in the ticket shop of our STOAG app.

Problems with the app

If you have technical problems with the app, questions about the ticket shop or the user account, you can contact us at or by calling 0208 835-8312!

To do this, tap on the person icon at the top right and log in if necessary. You can then change the desired data in your profile.

You can report your feedback on the STOAG app to the e-mail address

Our employees will be happy to help you by calling 0208 835-8312 or by sending an email to!

Tap the person icon in the top right. In the following input mask you can reset your password or request a new one.

When you buy a ticket, you will receive a payment receipt to your email address. You can also call up the ticket again online via the web shop.

Foreign credit cards (regardless of residence) are accepted, they just have to be activated for 3DS and online payments - but that's standard these days. According to the information from the payment service provider, the SEPA direct debit procedure is such that foreign bank accounts are permitted in the normal verification process, provided the place of residence is in Germany. The background is the obtaining of SCHUFA information, which is necessary for the postpay procedure. If the place of residence is not in Germany, customers must contact the customer service of the payment service provider Logpay directly for activation.

In the search settings of the app, the general walking speed and thus also the transfer options can be adjusted. Additional options for passengers with reduced mobility are also available below.


Personal data is stored in the app, on the smartphone and in the background system. This data and the journey data are recorded for the fare calculation. The journey is billed via a financial service provider with whom you have deposited a payment method.

No. As long as you do not log into the ticket shop in the app or use any function of the eezy tariffs, the GPS-based movement data will not be collected.

Personal data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the contract or if you have given your express consent. If necessary, data can be passed on to service providers used to process the contract. These are contractually obliged to comply with data protection regulations and only process personal data in accordance with the instructions of the person responsible.

For all processing steps, the high standards for data security that correspond to the legal requirements are applied. These measures are continuously updated and improved in line with technical developments.

The data is only stored for as long as is necessary to fulfill the contract or to comply with the statutory retention periods. The personal data will then be deleted.

No. In order to be able to use certain functions and services in the VRR app, such as ordering tickets, it is necessary to register and provide certain personal data. It is therefore mandatory to have read the data protection regulations.

It can also be sent to recipients outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It is ensured that a transfer to third countries only takes place if there is a legal basis for this.

Further information on data protection can be found in our data protection information in the STOAG app.