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Your digital discount card for bus & train

With the FlexSozial you have the opportunity to be mobile conveniently via smartphone and at significantly reduced prices in the entire VRR area. By paying a basic monthly fee, you can purchase as many individual tickets as you like at 50 percent discount in all price categories. The digital ticket is available to you if you, for example

  • Recipient of unemployment benefit II and social benefit (SGB II)
  • Recipient of social assistance (SGB XII)
  • recipient of housing benefit
  • Entitled to benefits according to SGB VIII
  • Eligible for benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act


  • Are entitled to benefits under the Federal Pensions Act.

You can find out from the responsible authorities in Oberhausen whether you also belong to the circle of beneficiaries. There you will also receive the necessary proof of entitlement (carrier card) or a notification for the purchase of your FlexSozial.

With the FlexSozial subscription, you can purchase any number of 3,20 percent discounted single tickets in price categories K to D for a basic monthly fee of €50.


Ticket Short haul A1/A2 A3 B C D
Basic price FlexSocial     3,20 €      
Single ticket (FlexSocial) 1,05 € 1,65 € 1,70 € 3,50 € 7,40 € 8,95 €

This is how it works: Buy the FlexSozial directly with your smartphone

1. Download the STOAG app to your smartphone. You can find these in the App Store (iOS) or in the Google Playstore (Android).

2. Register with your data in the ticket shop and save a payment option. You can use the stored payment option to pay both the basic monthly amount and all later single tickets (FlexSozial). The selected payment option can be changed at any time in the app settings.

3. Buy your first single ticket (FlexSozial) in the ticket shop. With this purchase, you start your FlexSozial subscription at the same time, which is why the FlexSozial is added once to the shopping cart next to the single ticket (FlexSozial) at a price of €3,20. All subsequent monthly contributions will be debited directly from your stored payment option.


Please note that the FlexSozial and all individual tickets (FlexSozial) purchased with the ticket are personal. Therefore, these are only valid in combination with a valid photo ID and the proof of entitlement. The purchased tickets cannot be passed on to third parties.

Take a look at our explanatory video! Here you can find out step by step how you can buy the FlexSozial in just a few seconds in the app.