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* 0,20 € pro Anruf aus dem dt. Festnetz; 0,60 € pro Anruf aus den Mobilfunknetzen


Your mobile phone is now a vending machine and your ticket at the same time. Use it everywhere and 24 hours a day to purchase and use your ticket.


How it works:

Step 1 – Signing up

Very easily done using the following link: https://www.handyticket.de/portals/web/nutzer/stoag/login.html

When signing up, a document must be listed for identification. This may be a personal ID-card, an EU passport, a cash card or credit card.
During a ticket inspection, this document serves as proof of identity. You must therefore always have it on you, together with the HandyTicket.


Step 2 – Download the app

Now there are two ways to easily and comfortably purchase a ticket:

  • Purchase via the HandyTicket app
  • Purchase via the Internet using your computer at home


Purchase via the HandyTicket app

There is a HandyTicket app for iOS and Android. The purchase of a ticket is done easily and quickly. In addition, the apps also provide information on schedules.

Purchase via the Internet using your computer at home

You can also purchase tickets via the Internet using the HandyTicket Web Portal.


The following tickets are available:

  • EinzelTicket (SingleFare Ticket)
  • 4er Ticket (Trip Ticket)
  • 10er Ticket (Trip Ticket)
  • 4-StundenTicket (4-hour-Ticket)
  • TagesTicket (Day Ticket)
  • 7-TageTicket (Week Ticket)
  • ZusatzTicket (Additional Ticket)
  • Ticket2000/ Ticket2000 9.00 Uhr (Ticket 2000/ Ticket 2000 9 o´clock)
  • Ticket1000/ Ticket1000 9.00 Uhr (Ticket 1000/ Ticket 1000 9 o´clock)

in the price categories A, B, C and D in the entire network of the VRR transport association

  • SchönerTagTicket Single NRW
  • SchönerTagTicket 5 Personen NRW
  • SchöneFahrtTicket NRW Erwachsene
  • SchöneFahrtTicket NRW Kind
  • FahrradTagesTicket NRW

Price category A: max. 90 minutes, price category B: 120 minutes, price category C: 180 minutes and at price category D: 300 minutes. (Time information applies only to a one-way trip; round trips and trips back are not allowed).


Step 3 – Payment

The tickets can be paid for via direct debit, by credit card or using the prepaid procedure.


Ticket control

When boarding the bus, please hold the HandyTicket under the boarding control device. In case of a ticket inspection, you will simply show the inspector a display of the ticket stored on your mobile phone. It is important that the mobile phone is operational during the ride.

Please note that you must have the document used for identification during registration (personal ID card, EC card or credit card) on you. HandyTickets are tickets issued individually to you and are not transferable.


Data Protection

We guarantee that we will handle the personally identifiable information, which STOAG does not pass on to third parties, with care. We have summarised more details on data protection here.


And finally, a few important notes:

  • HandyTickets are immediately valid when purchased.
  • HandyTickets are not assignable.
  • When purchasing a 4er Ticket the first ride is already validated so that the first ride can be started immediately.
  • Not every mobile telephone will have network coverage everywhere. For this reason, make sure before starting your ride that the ticket has already been downloaded onto the mobile phone.
  • The phone number of the mobile phone must not be suppressed, since identification takes place via the mobile phone number.


Still got questions?

Simply send an email to handyticket(at)stoag.de or call our support at +49 (0) 208 835-8311 (Mo - Th from 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. and Fr from 8.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.).