24-h-Hotline: 01806 504030 *
* 0,20 € pro Anruf aus dem dt. Festnetz; 0,60 € pro Anruf aus den Mobilfunknetzen

Purchasing tickets

Purchasing tickets in the vehicle

You can purchase single and group tickets as well as day-tickets and additional tickets (ZusatzTickets) on our buses. You can also get the 4 journey ticket on the bus. All the tickets that you buy in the vehicle have already been validated. With the 4 journey ticket, the first journey has already been validated. Please be aware that our bus drivers have only very little change on them und are not able to break larger bills.

You cannot buy a ticket on our trams. Please purchase your ticket from the ticket vending machine, in our customer centres (KundenCenter) or at the advance ticket sales stations. Attention, these tickets have not been validated as yet.