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The social ticket

With the SozialTicket you are mobile in Oberhausen at a low price. You will receive this personal monthly ticket or as a subscription for buses and trains if, for example

  • Recipients of unemployment benefit II and social benefits (SGB II)
  • Recipients of social assistance (SGB XII)
  • Housing benefit recipients
  • Entitled to benefits according to SGB VIII
  • Eligible under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act or
  • Entitled to benefits under the Federal Pension Act


You can find out from the responsible authorities of the city of Oberhausen whether you also belong to the group of authorized persons. You will also receive the required authorization card there.
From January 01.01.2023st, 41,20, the SozialTicket will cost €36,22 per month and €2 as a subscription. It is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. With the SozialTicket you can use all regular buses, S-Bahn, RB and RE lines as well as trams and subways in the respective area of ​​validity around the clock for your daily errands. The ticket is valid in price category AXNUMX for Oberhausen.
In addition, you can (in your area of ​​application) Monday to Friday from 19 p.m., all day on weekends, public holidays and on December 24.12th. and 31.12. travel on buses and trains with up to three children under the age of 15.

The SozialTicket consists of

  • an authorization card and a plastic cover that you can obtain from your job center or social welfare office and
  • a monthly token at a price of € 41,20 (from 01.01.2023) in price level A2, which you can get from STOAG.
  • Authorized ID card and monthly token are only valid in conjunction with your ID card or other official photo ID when traveling on public transport.

You can also receive the SozialTicket as a so-called eTicket in the form of a practical chip card (only with a positive credit rating) if you want to take part in the direct debit procedure. All you have to do is present your authorized ID in one of our customer centers and fill out a direct debit authorization. Your chip card will be sent to you by post. This eliminates the monthly purchase of your token. Your ticket is valid for as long as it is stated on the entitlement card. The monthly amount of € 36,22 (from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX) will be debited from your account. Please contact one of our to apply Customer Center.
The same applies here: Your eTicket is only valid in combination with your authorized ID and your official photo ID!

With a ZusatzTicket you can extend the validity of your SozialTicket: You can then either travel beyond the actual area of ​​validity of your ticket. An additional ticket is required per journey and person.