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NEW! Now also with eezy and FlexTicket!

Modern design, easy operation and new functions!

The app for your mobility - simply download it now from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Do you want to go from the main train station to the Centro? Or from Oberhausen to Essen? No problem. Our timetable information helps you to find the optimal connection at the desired time in the entire VRR area. You can choose the mode of transport you want, such as the bus, tram or train. If you want to explore some routes by bike, you can also take this into account in the timetable information. Once you have made a selection, you will receive your journey connection in a graphical view or in a list view.

In addition to single tickets, 4-hour tickets, 4-person tickets and additional tickets, the ticket shop also offers special tickets that you can only buy online exclusively in the app. these are

  • 30-day tickets
  • 10 tickets
  • Happy Hour Tickets

In the departure monitor, select your desired departure stop and receive all the important information about this stop. You can see when which bus is coming, whether it is on time and from which bus platform it is leaving, for example. And best of all: you see everything in real time!

Under the menu item "My Destinations and Lines" you can save your destinations and travel connections that you use most often, such as the way home or to work. Your desired connection will be displayed there. Here you can also see the latest messages relating to your connection and tickets that are still active.

Mobility becomes eezy. Check in. Set off. Check out and pay by linear mileage.

eezy is the new electronic tariff that simply records the kilometers traveled between start and finish. The advantage: no tariff knowledge is required.

All you need is a smartphone, because with eezy the passenger checks in when boarding the bus or train and checks out again when they get off. The app automatically calculates the distance between the start and destination stop. A basic price is calculated plus the distance traveled as the crow flies, regardless of different tariff areas or small detours. 

The Bus & BahnCard. No matter where, no matter how often: With the new FlexTickets, you save on every trip and are flexible when traveling by bus and train. The FlexTickets are the digital discount card for buses and trains. They enable the convenient purchase of any number of discounted single tickets in price categories A, B, C and D as well as bicycle tickets directly via smartphone. The price level of the single tickets can be re-selected with each purchase. So you are always cheap and flexible on the road.