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STOAG tariff system

Price levels in the VRR

Here you will find the most important information on the various price levels in the VRR (A, B, C, D and short-haul).

The easy to remember principle applies to journeys in the Oberhausen city area (with the exception of local rail transport) "Short distance = boarding plus three stops".

The three stops are also valid on the public transport route, the Neue Mitte can now be reached via the route from the main train station by short distance.

For your benefit, we have made some exceptions to the basic rule for the urban area of ​​Oberhausen. For example, the entire Sterkrader Ring is treated like a stop.

The short-haul ticket is always line-related and is valid for direct journeys in buses, trams and underground trains. The short-haul ticket is not valid:

  • when changing to another line
  • when using the night express lines
  • when using local rail transport, e.g. S-Bahn journeys

The short-haul ticket is valid for a maximum of 20 minutes.


Price level A applies to journeys within a tariff area. One or more cities can belong to a tariff zone. 

The major cities of Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Wuppertal each consist of two tariff zones. Nevertheless, price level A is sufficient for inner-city journeys even in these cities. Trips within a city, e.g. B. within Oberhausen, are therefore always in price level A. Price level A also applies to trips in two neighboring cells of different tariff areas.

In price level A, a distinction is made between price levels A2000, A1000 and A1 for Ticket2, Ticket3, YoungTicket, YoungTicketPLUS and FirmenTicket. Price level A2 applies to Oberhausen.

With price level B you can usually reach your neighboring cities - you can often get even further.

Monthly / subscription tickets: Set price level B yourself
If you buy your monthly or subscription ticket in price level B, you can choose the so-called central tariff area yourself (exception: YoungTicket and FirmenTicket). The ticket is then valid in the selected central tariff area and generally in all adjoining tariff areas.

For all other tickets (single ticket, 4-ticket, etc.), no central tariff area needs to be specified.

Two examples for price level B
You live in Oberhausen (tariff zone 24) and work in Düsseldorf Mitte / Nord (tariff zone 43). You choose Duisburg Mitte / Süd (tariff area 33) as the central tariff area and have free travel in the following area: Moers (22), Duisburg Nord (23), Oberhausen (24), Krefeld (32), Duisburg Mitte / Süd (33), Mülheim Ruhr (34), Ratingen / Heiligenhaus (44), Düsseldorf center / north (43).

You live in Oberhausen, but work in Bochum (tariff zone 36). You choose Essen Mitte / Nord (tariff area 35) as the central tariff area and have free travel in the following area: Oberhausen (24), Bottrop / Gladbeck (25), Gelsenkirchen (26), Herne (27), Mülheim Ruhr (34), Essen Middle / North (35), Bochum (36), Essen South (45), Hattingen / Sprockhövel (46), Velbert (55)

From 01.01.2018/19/XNUMX, a new tariff system will apply to time tickets in price category C. The VRR network area was divided into XNUMX different regions, which the customer can freely choose. Each region consists of fixed tariff area combinations.

The tickets in price category D are valid in the entire network area.

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