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Hotline24-hour HOTLINE: 0800 6 50 40 30** free of charge from all German networks
Customers buying tickets

Purchase of tickets

At the machine:

Purchasing tickets at the machine offers you many advantages:

  • Tickets available XNUMX/XNUMX
  • Payment by debit or credit card
  • safe and convenient

You can purchase the following tickets from the machine:

  • Short-haul tickets
  • Single tickets
  • 4 tickets
  • Additional tickets
  • 4-hour tickets
  • 24h / 48h tickets
  • Monthly tickets *
  • NRW tickets
    • SchöneTagTicket NRW Single
    • SchöneTagTicket NRW 5 people
    • SchöneFahrtTicket NRW
    • Simply continue ticket

* Monthly tickets are only valid in conjunction with the carrier card (available in our customer centers). The number of the carrier card must be transferred to the token. 

Ticket machines can be found at every stop along our 112 tram line, at the Luise-Albertz-Halle stop only in the direction of the main train station.

Here you can pay for all tickets with coins as well as with EC cards, cash cards, girogo and all credit cards issued by banks. However, our machines do not accept banknotes.

Please note:

  • All tickets (except 4-person tickets and all NRW tickets) have already been validated. They apply to the immediate journey.
  • 4erTickets and all NRW tickets have not yet been validated and must be validated when boarding the bus or tram.

If a machine malfunctions, our employees are available in the customer centers or at the Hotline 0800 6 50 40 30 (free of charge from all German networks).


Ticket purchase in the customer center - our on-site service:

In our three customer centers you can purchase all * tickets, buy monthly tokens and take out subscriptions. We would be happy to advise you which ticket is the right one for you.  

*Please note that the 10-ticket, the HappyHourTicket and the 30-day ticket can only be obtained via our STOAG app or the ticket shop on your home PC.

Here all further information about the customer center


Purchase of tickets at advance booking offices

You can get our tickets without long waiting times in our advance booking offices, which are spread all over the city. Here you can buy monthly tokens for the Ticket2000, the Ticket1000, the YoungTicket and the SozialTicket as well as all tickets for "occasional drivers". You can find an overview of the advance booking offices here:

All further information about the advance booking offices can be found here


Purchase of tickets in the vehicle

In our buses you get single and group tickets, 4-hour tickets, 24-hour and 48-hour tickets, additional tickets and 4erTickets, which you can conveniently pay for without cash. All tickets that you buy in the vehicle are already stamped. With the 4erTicket, the first trip is automatically validated! 

However, you cannot buy monthly tokens or KombiTickets on the bus.

There is no possibility to buy a ticket on our trams. Please buy your ticket from the machine before you take the tram. Here all tickets (except 4-ticket tickets and all NRW tickets) are already validated and are valid for the immediate journey. Tickets that you buy in advance in our customer centers or advance booking offices have not yet been validated

Our request to you:
Use the option of cashless payment in our vehicles. If this is not possible, please have the right change ready. Our drivers cannot always give back change when paying with larger bills. In such a case, you will receive a voucher for the amount of change from our driver, which you can then redeem in one of our customer centers.