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Frequent travelers - all tickets at a glance

Ticket2000 - at a glance

You can't share everything - the Ticket2000 can.
Ticket2000 is the bestseller among VRR monthly tickets. It offers numerous advantages - for example, you can: For example, take other people with you at certain times and then even use the ticket in the entire VRR area. It is available in all price levels. The Ticket2000 is available as a personal or transferable ticket. There is a special offer for late risers: The Ticket2000 9 a.m. is only valid from 9 a.m. on weekdays. 

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Ticket1000 - at a glance

The inexpensive VRR monthly ticket for everyone
The Ticket1000 is the low-cost personal monthly ticket of the VRR. The Ticket1000 is available in price levels A, B, C and D. As with the Ticket2000, you can use the Ticket1000 to take other people with you at certain times. If you only want to be mobile from 9 a.m. Monday to Friday, you should opt for the inexpensive 9 a.m. version of the Ticket1000. 

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BärenTicket - At a glance

For active people aged 60 and over
The high-performance BärenTicket is available for all active people aged 60 and over.
This means you are mobile around the clock in the entire VRR area for 12 months. 

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YoungTicketPLUS - at a glance

The YoungTicketPLUS is the VRR-wide valid ticket for trainees, interns, volunteers, master class students, FSJ students, etc. At a price of € 71,10, everything is possible: whether for shopping in Düsseldorf, for football in the Revier, to friends in Dortmund or to relatives in the Lower Rhine. Taking bicycles and people with you on weekdays from 19 p.m. and on weekends all day is still included.

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30-day ticket - at a glance

The 30-day ticket is a flexible monthly ticket with which you can freely choose the start date. It is available as Ticket2000 and Ticket2000 9 a.m. as well as Ticket1000 and Ticket1000 9 a.m. exclusively online via the HandyTicket.

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SemesterTicket - At a glance

The semester ticket is available so that students can be mobile on the go. With this ticket, the students of the contract universities in the VRR can move flexibly and very cheaply within the entire VRR area.

In addition to the VRR semester ticket, a contract university can use the NRW semester ticket. This means that students can use all buses, trains and trains on local transport in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The VRR semester ticket and the NRW semester ticket are not freely available. It is automatically included in the semester fee for every student.

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  • Optional: valid throughout the VRR or valid throughout NRW
  • Only in connection with a VRR subscription or DeutschlandTicket


1st class subscription or monthly ticket

Bicycle subscription or monthly ticket