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DeutschlandTicket School (formerly SchokoTicket)

The subscription ticket for schoolchildren

On August 01.08.2023st, 25, the SchokoTicket in Oberhausen will be replaced by the DeutschlandTicket Schule. It is still an annual subscription, which is now valid throughout Germany without additional payment for travel on public transport instead of in the entire network area - whether for the trip to school, to friends and family or for an excursion. Buses, urban, suburban and underground trains, regional trains and regional express trains can be used. Who can have it: All students under the age of XNUMX who are entitled to use the DeutschlandTicket School according to the fare regulations.


bike mittake

The DeutschlandTicket School does not include taking a bicycle with you. For students who regularly want to take a bike with them, we recommend the bicycle subscription ticket for an additional €29 per month. A bicycle ticket can be purchased in the VRR for occasional transport, which is valid for 24 hours.


1st class use

The DeutschlandTicket Schule does not include use of 1st class. If you use 1st class regularly, you can purchase a 1st class monthly ticket for an additional €46, which is also available as a subscription. For occasional journeys in 1st class, an additional ticket can be purchased in the VRR per person and journey.


Prices from 01.08.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

  Normal price for self-payers (monthly): reduced price for beneficiaries (monthly)    
valid throughout Germany 29,00 € € 14,00 for the 1st (and every adult) child - € 7,00 for the 2nd child - € 0 for the 3rd and each additional eligible child    

Discount for multiple self-pay tickets

The discount from the third self-paying child will no longer apply on August 01.08.2023st, XNUMX.


Reduced price for beneficiaries

As a so-called "entitled person" you pay a reduced monthly contribution for the DeutschlandTicket School (please ask the respective school authority and apply if necessary). Eligible are students, their nearest school  

  • more than 2 kilometers (primary school students),  
  • more than 3,5 kilometers (secondary level I) or  
  • more than 5 kilometers (secondary level II)  

away from their home. 


Ticket order

  • To order a DeutschlandTicket school, please use the order form, which you can find below on this page, and send it to us by post or email to Alternatively, you have the option of handing it in to one of our customer centers.
  • When ordering tickets, students must show confirmation from their school at the customer center. From the age of 16, the proof of entitlement for the DeutschlandTicket School must be presented again every year.  
  • By the way: The DeutschlandTicket School is only valid in connection with a valid photo ID (child or passport, student or identity card, driving license or similar) and only in 2nd class.