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Ticket2000 - at a glance

You can't share everything - the Ticket2000 can.

Ticket2000 is the bestseller among VRR monthly tickets. It offers numerous advantages - for example, you can: For example, take other people with you at certain times and then even use the ticket in the entire VRR area. It is available in all price levels. The Ticket2000 is available as a personal or transferable ticket. There is a special offer for late risers: The Ticket2000 9 a.m. is only valid from 9 a.m. on weekdays. 

Tip: If you choose the Ticket2000 in the particularly inexpensive subscription version, you can save even more.

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Validity period

  • Ticket2000: XNUMX hours a day for one calendar month
  • Ticket2000 9 a.m.: weekdays from 9 a.m., on weekends and public holidays all day.
  • Available online as a personal 30-day ticket with a freely selectable 30-day period.


Depending on the price level, the Ticket2000 / Ticket2000 9 a.m. is valid as follows: 

  • Price level A applies within a city (tariff area) or in two neighboring zones of different tariff areas. In price level A, Ticket2000 distinguishes between price levels A1, A2 and A3. Price level A2 applies in Oberhausen.
  • With price level B you can usually get to the neighboring cities.
  • Price level C covers the medium travel distances. It is valid in two neighboring tariff zones selected according to your needs. The only important thing is: the two tariff areas must be directly next to each other and there must be a bus or train connection between the two tariff areas.
  • The Ticket2000 price level D is valid for the entire Rhein-Ruhr transport association.

Extended scope

From Monday to Friday after 19.00 p.m., all day on weekends and public holidays as well as on December 24th and 31st, Ticket2000 is valid throughout the network.


Unlimited driving authorization

With the Ticket2000, you can travel as much and as often as you like in the entire selected area of ​​validity throughout the month. 

Passenger transport in the evening and on weekends

Weekdays from 19.00 p.m., all day (until 3 a.m. of the following day) on weekends and public holidays as well as on December 24th and 31st, up to five people can travel for free with a Ticket2000, but only two of them may be older than 14 years. 

Either transferability or personal exhibition

You can transfer your Ticket2000 to someone else at any time. If you wish, you can also have the Ticket2000 issued personally. The advantage of being issued in person: You only pay a reduced fee if you forget your ticket. 

Free bike transport

As a Ticket2000 holder, you can take a bike with you for free in the selected price category. At the times mentioned above, you can even take your bike with you for free in the whole of the VRR. 

Extended mobility guarantee

With Ticket2000, the mobility guarantee applies with the extended reimbursement limit of 60 euros. You can find the reimbursement application for the mobility guarantee in the download area.

Additional possibilities

Extension with the ZusatzTicket / FahrradTicket

  • Mon - Fri before 19 p.m.: Extension of the area of ​​validity to the entire network area with the ZusatzTicket
  • Bicycle transport for people with a bicycle ticket


Simply continue tickets:

Owners of time travel passes or network-wide combi-tickets from the VRR, VRS, AVV and the WestfalenTarif can travel through the whole of NRW with the EinfachweiterTicket NRW. You can find detailed information on the single-continue ticket here.

1st class trips

  • 1st class journeys are possible with the Ticket2000 if you buy an additional ticket per journey and person in addition to the Ticket2000. 
  • If you want to travel 1st class for the whole month, you need a 1st class monthly surcharge. The 1st class ticket is only valid for the ticket holder. Each person traveling needs their own additional ticket for 1st class for each journey. 

Prices from 01.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

  Ticket2000 Ticket2000 subscription Ticket2000 9 a.m. Ticket2000 9 a.m. subscription
Price level A1 94,00 € 82,60 € 70,30 € 61,80 €
Price level A2 99,40 € 87,40 € 74,10 € 65,10 €
Price level A3 103,80 € 91,30 € 77,10 € 67,80 €
Price level B 145,10 € 127,50 € 110,60 € 97,20 €
Price level C 191,20 € 168,10 € 144,10 € 126,70 €
Price level D 239,30 € 210,30 € 181,50 € 159,60 €

Prices from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

  Ticket2000 Ticket2000 subscription Ticket2000 9 a.m. Ticket2000 9 a.m. subscription
Price level A1 85,90 € 75,52 € 64,30 € 56,53 €
Price level A2 90,90 € 79,92 € 67,70 € 59,52 €
Price level A3 94,90 € 83,43 € 70,50 € 61,98 €
Price level B 132,60 € 116,58 € 101,10 € 88,87 €
Price level C 174,80 € 153,68 € 131,70 € 115,79 €
Price level D 218,70 € 192,27 € 165,90 € 145,85 €

1st class tickets 2024

  VRR-wide NRW-wide
1st class season tickets 50,30 € 75,20 €

1st class tickets 2023

  VRR-wide NRW-wide
1st class subscription 46 € 96 €
1st class monthly ticket 46 € 96 €

Here you can download an overview map of price levels A1, A2 and A3 as a PDF file.
Overview map price levels A1, A2 and A3

Ticket purchase

The Ticket2000 is available from AboOnline, the STOAG app, in our STOAG customer centers and in the advance booking offices (monthly tickets only). You can find the subscription conditions here.

* Tip: subscription - the smart choice

The subscription is worth it:

In the Ticket2000 you save € 2 per month in price category A12,00, which means that you travel for free from mid-November.

Subscription customers also save time: they only order the subscription once, the amount is automatically debited from their account every month - either on the 01st or 15th of a month.


Tip: The "little brother" of Ticket2000

Do you want a little, but not much, less than the Ticket2000? Then this is Ticket1000 - the "little brother" of the Ticket2000 - maybe just the thing for you.