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YoungTicketPLUS - at a glance

The YoungTicketPLUS is the VRR-wide valid ticket for trainees, interns, volunteers, master class students, FSJ students, etc. At a price of € 71,10, everything is possible: whether for shopping in Düsseldorf, for football in the Revier, to friends in Dortmund or to relatives in the Lower Rhine. Taking bicycles and people with you on weekdays from 19 p.m. and on weekends all day is still included.

Book now! The NRW upgrade

With the NRW upgrade, the YoungTicketPlus can be used throughout NRW for only 20 euros more per month. Simply book the NRW upgrade in addition to your subscription and you can go to Cologne for training or to stroll to Münster. The NRW upgrade is only available from the transport company from which the YoungTicketPLUS subscription was taken out. Those interested in applying for the YoungTicketPLUS for the first time can book the NRW upgrade directly.

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Validity period
The YoungTicketPLUS is available as a monthly pass and as an annual subscription. It is valid around the clock every day. 

The YoungTicketPLUS is valid for the entire Rhein-Ruhr transport association.
The subscription to the NRW upgrade to YoungTicketPLUS is valid throughout NRW.


Driving around the clock
With the YoungTicketPLUS you can travel as often as you like in the respective area of ​​validity. 

Passenger transport
On weekends, public holidays and on December 24.12th. and 31.12. and on weekdays from 19 p.m. (until 3 a.m. the following day), you can have one person ride on your YoungTicketPLUS throughout the VRR. 

Free bike transport
A bicycle can be taken along free of charge in the entire VRR during the usual take-away times.

Important: The transport policy for the YoungTicketPLUS does not apply to journeys throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. Your bike (all day) and one additional person (after 19 p.m.) can only be taken within the VRR.

Simply continue ticket:

Owners of time-trial passes or association-wide KombiTickets from the VRR, VRS, AVV and, since 01.01.2021, also the WestfalenTarif can travel across NRW with the EinfachWeiterTicket NRW. You can find detailed information on the one-way ticket here.

Prices from 01.01.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX

  YoungTicketPLUS NRW upgrade    
Monthly pass 83,70 €      
Subscription ticket 71,10 € 21 €    

Prices from 01.01.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX

  YoungTicketPLUS NRW upgrade    
Monthly pass 76,50 €      
Subscription ticket 65,02 € 20 €    

Ticket purchase

You can get the YoungTicketPLUS via AboOnline, the STOAG app or in ours STOAG customer centers. Tokens for monthly purchase are also available in advance booking offices and at most ticket machines. You can find the subscription conditions here.

Don't forget: when you buy the YoungTicketPLUS for the first time, you have to stamp your visit to the school or training center on the order form. Please also bring the confirmation from the school or the training contract with you.